How to impact your well-being through Interior Design

Interior Design and well-being have never been considered so relevant to each other before. With so many adjusting to hybrid working spaces and mental health is at an all-time rise, the awareness around creating a healthy environment within our homes has never been so prevalent.

Unfortunately, when it comes to interiors, there is no one shoe that fits all, especially when it comes to well being. Joining the experts, here are the key factors to think about that will contribute to your well-being

Well-Being Interiors

What does your home say about you?

Your home is a safe space which you inhabit. This is how you present yourself to your other half, your close family, and your friends. What does your home say about you? Or what do you want it to say about you? Most importantly, what do you want it to say to yourself every day? Perhaps this is the first step to improving your well-being through Interior Design…

Creating a stress free space 

Zen is a theory that promotes distressing, relaxation and self-worth within yourself. Perhaps create a space which promotes relaxation, so you can switch off.  Whether it be a bathroom or bedroom but it considers a textured natural material pallet with muted and earthy tones.

Consider carefully where you place each object in your home. 

Decluttering and finding perfect spots for your beloved objects is a great way to declutter your mind. If your environment is chaotic, your mind might start to feel chaotic too. Try to make sure everything has a home or that it’s put away in a sensible spot, that way you can start to feel relaxed within your home.

Well Being Home

Interior items which promote relaxation 

Creating a spa at home is a great way of promoting relaxation every day, rather than just a day trip to the spa. Look at products which have a particular focus on aromatherapy. Consider reed diffusers or candles which use plant extract scents like rose, lavender or eucalyptus. Why not push the boat out and purchase a fresh set of fluffy towels, who needs the spa anyway!

Did you know…

Having a restful sleeping environment also contributes to health and well-being too? From a comfortable mattress, introducing breathable bed linen to blackout window dressings which create complete darkness. All of these can help contribute to a restful night’s sleep, allowing your body to rest and repair.

Learning and creativity can help to reduce stress

We are seeing beloved coffee table books more and more. Although these are a great way of styling a coffee table, bookshelf or the kitchen. Books are the perfect way to learn something new and take a moment for yourself. Make time to read them, perhaps journal snippets which stand out the most. All of this can aid in creativity and reduce stress.

It’s proven to be a great stress release to do or make something because it’s not good for our brain to constantly be absorbing all of the time, which is easily done today with social media and our phones. Why not recommend them or lend them to people who you know will love them just as much as you too!

How embracing nature through Interior Design can reduce stress 

Carefully considered layouts which consider natural light and window views, it can provide physiological support. Perhaps you’re unable to cleverly rework your layout to introduce more views. Why not look into landscape artwork, prints or photography that considers the outdoors instead.

Why not try sowing seeds and popping them on your window sill. Nurturing it can teach you to nurture yourself too and give you a sense of purpose and pride.

Introducing potted house plants always brings a calming aesthetic to any home and added bonus they look great. Not only do they add a new dynamic unlike any other object, did you know indoor plants can actually contribute to reducing nasties like VCO’s? Which ultimately and most importantly improves air quality. Whilst they have also been shown to; improve mood, reduce stress levels, and increase productivity on a physiological level. Furthermore, on a physical level too by reducing blood pressure, fatigue and headaches.

Here’s more  information on house plants and human health.

Introducing cut flowers to vases embraces the great outdoors. They add diversity and personality. Changing regularly can introduce fresh bursts of inspiration for you to enjoy. Perhaps the flowers had sentimental meaning, why not keep hold of them until they are completely dried out in the vase by removing the water. Sometimes flowers continue well in dried form too!

Well being interiors

Make every day special and find your joy in the everyday

Create an interior environment for yourself to really enjoy. Perhaps you have a love of music, look at ways of introducing speakers, find a suitable position where it’s going to be best used and reintroduce your love of music. Or you have a love of chess, treat yourself to that new set you’ve had your eye on for a while, or dust your old one-off. Cook a meal for a friend, and use a recipe from the book you’ve been studying! Bring out your best plates and napkins, every day is special after all.

Conscious Consumerism

Well-being is of course at the forefront for you as an individual. Now you know yourself best out of everybody. Perhaps you’re beginning to adjust to a Zen lifestyle, you’re changing the layout of your home or you’re introducing quality pieces that will improve your well-being. Either way, if you’re considering a purchase that is going to help contribute to your well-being, consider the environment, where the items have been purchased from and what the process was to create the product.

This creates a positive outcome for the suppliers and the environment around us too. It also means you know you’re going to love that piece forever, it wasn’t a quick fix that you will end up throwing away. In turn, knowing you have been a conscious consumer will make you feel good too.



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