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Update your wardrobe with some versatile menswear pieces with our REPRESENT clothing and footwear collection, a luxury streetwear brand revolutionising graphic t-shirts, oversized hoodies and other casual wardrobe staples. Discover timeless yet modern designs you can wear season after season, such as the classic Owner's Club collection or the iconic Thoroughbred range.

Originally a college project, REPRESENT was launched by Manchester-based brothers George and Mike Heaton. George realised his artwork potential and how he could sell these on clothing in the form of his graphics, he began sourcing blank clothing and started to screen print his designs. The pair wanted to create a brand which "represents" their hometown and local culture and be the best brand in the world.

Since its launch they have become known for its contemporary streetwear aesthetic, blending urban influences with a refined and tailored approach. REPRESENT's clothing and footwear designs often feature minimalist silhouettes, clean lines, and attention to detail, creating a modern and versatile style. Whether you're looking for a casual graphic t-shirt, an oversized hoodie, or a pair of streetwear mesh shorts, there's something to suit any style.

Our REPRESENT clothing and footwear collection includes everything from classic styles to trend-led pieces that are perfect for those who like to stay ahead of the curve. Choose to style your new REPRESENT piece with signature streetwear essentials, with a pair of Apex leather trainers and cargo shorts for the perfect SS look or layer up with an oversized hoodie and matching jersey joggers for a coordinated fit.

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Who owns Represent clothing?

Represent is a British fashion brand owned by brothers George and Mike Heaton. Established in 2011, their collections are a reflection of their continuous refinement and ongoing progression in the industry.

Who wears Represent clothing?

Represent Clothing is worn by a diverse range of people, including fashion lovers, celebrities, and influencers. The brand's contemporary menswear appeals to those who appreciate its urban aesthetic, quality craftsmanship, and unique designs.

Where is Represent clothing made?

Represent manufactures its clothing in various locations around the world, including countries in Europe such as Portugal. Their focus on quality craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing practices means they collaborate with factories that meet their standards for working conditions and production quality.

Is Represent clothing unisex?

Represent primarily focuses on menswear, but some of its pieces can be considered unisex or may appeal to individuals regardless of gender. While the brand's aesthetic leans towards a masculine style, certain items such as oversized hoodies, t-shirts, and outerwear may be suitable for anyone who appreciates the brand's urban aesthetic.

How does Represent clothing fit?

Represent Clothing sizing can vary slightly depending on the specific style of the garment. In general, the brand's clothing tends to have a relaxed and oversized fit. However, some pieces may run slightly smaller or larger than expected, so it's advisable to consult the brand's size guide to determine the best size for you.

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