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Dr. Martens

A renowned British footwear brand, introducing our curated collection of Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens, or "Docs" shares a rich brand history and loyal following, which is how the brand quickly became the official symbol of rebellion, style and individuality.

Originating in the German town of Seeshaupt in 1945, a German doctor, Klaus Maertens, created a unique air-cushioned sole to aid his injured foot. This innovative sole laid the foundation for what would later become the iconic Dr. Martens boot in the late 1950s.

 Worn by musicians, artists, and activists, Dr. Martens' iconic styles have been the 1460 Pascal boots, the 2976 chelsea boots or the Adrian loafers. This is due to how each pair of shoes are built to last, using top-quality materials that can withstand the test of time.

Our Dr. Martens collection features a range of shoe styles, from their iconic boot silhouette and loafer styles to statement platform sandals.

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