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Discover the latest must-have pieces from our Aries clothing collection, featuring a range of styles that offer a bold and unapologetic take on contemporary streetwear.

Founded in 2012 by Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, Aries was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo in fashion. Inspired by the underground music and art scenes, the brand quickly gained a cult following among those seeking a sartorial expression of their rebellious spirits. What started as a small passion project has evolved into a global phenomenon, with Aries' distinctive designs gracing the streets and stages worldwide.

Aries' brand aesthetics are a fearless fusion of punk rock attitude and avant-garde sensibilities. Their collaboration with Umbro fuses streetwear with classic football culture, taking inspiration from the vibrant football subcultures of the 90s. Discover oversized silhouettes, bold colourways and styles adorned with pixelated prints and logos.

When styling Aries clothing, there's a variety of pieces to suit different outfits. Pair the graphic jerseys with your favourite jeans or cargo pants for a classic streetwear look, or layer them over a long-sleeve t-shirt for a more toned-down vibe. Experiment with unexpected combinations, like pairing the jerseys and shorts with chunky trainers and a beanie for an edgy, urban aesthetic.

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