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Blurring the lines between day and nightwear, weekdays and holidays, Sleeper is a contemporary high-fashion brand known for its iconic feather-trimmed loungewear and feminine loose-fitted dresses.

Founded in 2014, Sleeper was created by two Ukrainian designers Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa in Kyiv and has since gained international acclaim through their unique pieces. Their core brand values consist of sustainable processes, simplicity in every aspect, authenticity and championing womanhood.

Authentically merging comfort and style, Sleeper provides versatile pieces to stay true to their Ukrainian roots. As every piece in this collection features romantic and feminine aesthetics, with delicate details such as ruffles, lace trims and voluminous sleeves.

Within our handpicked Sleeper's collection, expect to find a wide variety of their classic pyjama sets, wool and cashmere blend knitwear, crepe blazers and matching tailored trousers.


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Are Sleeper pyjamas worth it? 

Sleeper pyjamas are known for their luxurious materials and stylish designs, making them a favourite among those who prioritise comfort and style in sleepwear.

Where are Sleeper dresses made? 

Sleeper dresses are handmade in the brand's atelier in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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