Why Mantelscaping is our Favourite Summer Interior Design Trend

Move aside tablescaping, mantelscaping is our new favourite interior trend and it’s certainly here to stay…



We’re a sucker for a trend, especially one that allows us to display all our treasures at once!

Simply put, mantelscaping uses the blank canvas above your fireplace as a location for all your goodies. The trend is perfect for those who simply can’t decide when it comes to quirky home decor, or who tend to display trinkets on rotation.

A gorgeous way to ensure none of your curated home accessories are left out, mantelscaping is all about thoughtful styling and unique placement. The trend can also be created using a shelf or any area against a wall – so don’t worry if you’re working with a different kind of interior!

mantelscaping trend


This display-everything-at-once trend is no stranger to our Instagram feeds. Much like last year’s tablescaping – think joyful books, quirky glassware, unique ceramics, flowers, matchboxes and more,  all displayed in one curated hotspot.

Fancy a try? Let us help. We asked Siobhan Brown, our senior homewear buyer and one true mantelscape expert, for her top tips & tricks…

How To Mantelscape Beautifully

1: Pick A Tone.

“When creating a cohesive and considered mantelscape, be sure to think about complementing colours and textures. For example, a subtle common colour thread amongst your flowers, trinkets and vases will help elevate the look”

2: Play With Height & Shapes.

“Mixing up height is the perfect way to create an interesting scene and add depth when mantelscaping. Candleholders and book stacks are the perfect way to do this, ensuring that your smaller trinkets don’t blend into the background. Flowers & plants are also a great way to add texture!”

mantelscaping mantelpiece


3: Be Yourself!

“If you like it, use it! There’s zero right or wrong when it comes to mantelscaping. The best way to make a space yours is to decorate it with things you truly love”

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Words by Ciara Martin. Featured image via @michellemdriscoll.

Ciara Martin

Ciara Martin

Writer and expert