In conversation with Virgil Nicholas, founder of VINNY’s

In today’s luxury landscape, it’s not just about products or services; it’s about the stories behind the brands. One such captivating story is that of VINNY’s, a label that has not only made a mark in the market but has also become a symbol of timeless and modern expression through its footwear designs.

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with the founder behind VINNY’s, Virgil Nicholas, to discuss what pushed VINNY’s to be the footwear brand it is today and where it sees the label going in the future. 

Vinnys Loafers


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today! Tell us a little bit about yourself, before VINNY’s.

Right. I’m Virgil Nicholas, a bon vivant in my early thirties. In very short, I spent my upbringing loving and learning culture, the art of music, getting dressed, clothes and shoes, and now I am spending my adult life making it. 

What pushed you to launch VINNY’s?  

The need for good loafers man! No, jokes aside, I had been collecting footwear, and mostly sneakers my whole life and came to a halt. I was rather fed up, and also, I was more or less using the same rotation over and over, why I figured I needed to add that one missing part of the culture-infused part that was missing to the puzzle, and thus VINNY’s was born. 


Where does your love for loafers come from and what is the most important thing when creating them?   

That love come from my parents and their Congolese childhood with boarding schools, uniforms and Sunday best-dress up. I always figure think of their teenager-self putting on my shoes before I approve or disapprove of a direction. 

Talk us through the VINNY’s vibe/ethos.  

Honestly, it’s rather simple: make an effort. Force yourself to do better every day and get the best out of your efforts and your ambitions. The ethos also forces you to steer away from judging for no reason and being a better version of yourself to one next to you. That’s all. 


Who’s your favourite brand or designer and why?  

Visvim is the undisputed champ of Japanese perfection across every single wardrobe piece!  

Biggest styling tip for someone who has recently bought a pair of VINNY’s loafers? 

They’ll only look great, if you wear them, so don’t hesitate. Give ’em a spin with any pant you like. They won’t fail you. 

Vinnys Boots

Can you share any exciting future plans for the brand?  

There are boots coming!  

What would be your recommended hotspot or thing to do when in Copenhagen? 

Come in the Summer, go swimming, drink nature wine and stay out too late. 

Hannah Needham

Hannah Needham

Writer and expert