In Conversation with Anine Bing

Renowned for her laid-back, effortless style, Anine Bing’s eponymous fashion label mixes her Scandinavian roots with a bohemian LA-inspired aesthetic. Starting out with a simple range including her trademark graphic tee’s and a leather jacket, the brand now has a cult following for its effective wardrobe staples you can wear now and love forever. 

We caught up with the fashion mogul, to hear everything from brand beginnings to the exciting things ANINE BING has coming up… 

Anine Bing


Thank you for taking the time to speak to Coggles today! Can you take us back to where your career in fashion began? 

Growing up in a big family being 1 of 5 siblings I often had to be creative with all the hand-me-downs from my brothers and sister. I loved creating my own pieces and cutting my brothers’ denim into something new.

I remember when flared denim was a big trend, but I couldn’t afford my own pair, so I had to get creative and combine two types of denim together. I always loved mixing menswear with more feminine pieces–something you will see a lot of in my collections today. 

What inspired you to start the label Anine Bing? 

 I always dreamed of launching a modern-day luxury fashion house.  I saw a gap in the market for timeless wardrobe pieces, so I decided to create my own line. It all started in my garage in Silver Lake in 2012, I designed a small collection with two pairs of denim, a leather jacket, boots and t-shirts.

I wanted to create a wardrobe for the modern woman that felt approachable, effortless and not overcomplicated. The multifaceted woman leads a very busy life––between work, family, and kids––so quality and craftsmanship are very important to me when it comes to designing pieces that are intended to last a long time.

What has always been a core part of the Anine Brand DNA? 

We’re a global fashion house focused on everyday wardrobe essentials and investment pieces for modern women seeking a timeless yet rebellious approach to style. We create pieces that women can wear 10 years from now, that vision inspires every collection we create

If you had to describe the Anine Bing women in 3 words, what would they be? 

Timeless, Effortless and Classic

Anine Bing Official


You have a cult following across social media – how important has that been to the brand and is it still as important today? 

I grew a bit of a following on my personal IG before I started the brand. It was flattering to see women come to my page for inspiration and styling advice.. Once we started the brand, I tapped into my followers to promote it. It was a really natural progression to build the brand through social media.

We were one of the first brands to see the power of social media right off the bat. We’ve been leveraging Instagram, and other forms of social media, to build our customer base since we started the brand 10 years ago. 

We are a community-driven brand, we have the most loyal customers and that’s always growing. We use Instagram especially to inform trends and tell the story of our brand through our content/ creative.

Can you share any exciting initiatives coming up? 

2022 has been a huge year for ANINE BING. I am thrilled to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Not only have we opened nearly 10 new stores globally, we launched our first-ever Resort Collection this Spring, signed our first-ever global celebrity face, Irina Shayk and launched in China. 

We still have so many more exciting initiatives planned for the year between retail expansion, new store openings, talent collaborations and events…there is so much ahead and I am so excited! 

What’s the one fashion staple in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? 

A blazer. I love a good blazer to elevate any look. They are so versatile and pull any outfit together.

If you could give someone one piece of advice or life motto, what would it be? 

Have a clear vision and stick to it. Surround yourself with people that understand your vision. Be ready to roll your sleeves up and put in the work! I always follow my gut instincts.

Away from work life and LA, where is one of your favourite places to be and why? 

I love Paris, I find so much inspiration in this beautiful city. I can sit for hours at a coffee shop and sip on a cappuccino, eat a croissant and just watch all the beautiful people. I find so much inspiration watching the street style of Paris…


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