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As London Fashion Week draws to an end, we thought it was only fitting to catch up with one of the city’s most eclectic and fashion-forward designers. Launching in 2013, Shrimps has continued to push fashion norms since its iconic colourful faux fur beginnings. 

Instantly adding British charm and a sense of humour to your wardrobe, Hannah Weiland’s artistic flair, and appreciation for fabric and texture set this season’s collection apart from the rest. We joined the designer at her home in London, to discuss everything from the day-to-day to the new season.

hannah weiland shrimps

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Coggles today! Please can you tell us where you are being photographed today?

Hello! I am being photographed at my home, I chose it because I love it here, it makes me feel relaxed and happy. I love that saying ‘Home is where the heart is’ and for me that is very much the case.

Can you tell us a little bit about the pieces are you wearing?

I am wearing a mix of AW22 and Pre-Fall 22 pieces that are for sale now at Coggles. I particularly love the full tartan look, the Billie coat has the most luxurious and plush faux fur hood.

The lime green River coat is also a style that I really love this season, it spreads joy.

I am also wearing one of the season’s best knitwear pieces, the Zinnia Cardigan. Blue, brown and cream is a favourite colour combination, that I go back to time and time again.

hannah weiland shrimps

Can you talk us through your inspirations for the AW22 collections?

For AW22 I was inspired by alternative youth subcultures, and contrasting the somewhat harshness and boldness of these influences with that classic Shrimps femininity. For me, good design is all about contrasts, a mix of diverse inspirations, coming together to form a unique piece.

Talk us through what a normal day looks like for you?

I have a toddler, so I spend the early hours of the morning with him, we eat breakfast as a family. I then walk to my studio normally listening to podcasts, my favourite days are cold, sunny ones, perfect Shrimps coat weather. Throughout the day I have meetings with different Shrimps team members and departments. I spend most of my time with the design and production team, the creative meetings are always my favourite.

For lunch I often go to Golborne Road which is a short walk from my studio, there are lots of delicious independent cafes, and Portobello market on a Friday which is great for inspiration and research. I try to get home for bath time with my son, and then I often have work events or dinners with friends in the evening.

Hannah Weiland shrimps

What’s the one thing in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

All of my Shrimps jumpers! Can they count as one thing? They are one category… I find summer dressing harder mostly because I miss my knitwear.

You recently made a personal Instagram account, what will you be sharing on there?

Yes I did… I felt it was time! I will be sharing slightly more personal aspects of my life. When I created the account I said if people were interested in ‘Shrimps, flowers, cake, art and babies..’ that they should follow me. So it is a general mix of inspiration, family and all those things mentioned above.

hannah weiland shrimps

Away from work, what are your favourite kinds of weekend plans?

I absolutely love weekends in the countryside, I grew up in between London and  Somerset, so we try and go as much as we can to my family home on the weekends. I feel refreshed when I come back after a weekend of walks, pub lunches, cosy reading by the fire and being around nature.

What’s next for shrimps, are there any exciting plans you can share with us?

We have some really exciting projects in the works, and a lot of them are currently top secret, however, I can say that next year we are hoping to launch a Shrimps bridal collection!


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