What to Wear When Working From Home

Being able to work from home is a bit of a luxury at the moment, as the world starts their 9-5 behind closed doors. Presenting us with both opportunities and challenges, working from home can ignite our creativity and give us time to solely focus on the tasks ahead. On the other hand, it can also be difficult not to become distracted by pets and the fridge, as we associate our home surroundings with, well, being at home! One thing we find essential to stay motivated when working from home is getting up and dressed. Whether casual style or smarter options are your thing when WFH, we’ve got you covered. This switches on your working brain and leaves your leisure brain for after work. For optimal focus, get up as if you’re leaving the house, a change of clothes will mean a change in attitude. We asked the Coggles team what they’re wearing when working from home for both style and comfort.

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Even though I’m working from home, dressing for the office puts me in the right mind-set. These casual shirting options are hassle free in the morning but still add a touch of smart style, so I can dress the part but still feel comfortable


Knitted jumpers with tailored trousers has been my go-to WFH outfit, helping me find that right balance between comfort and still feeling somewhat professional and in work zone. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading while at home, so the Ginsberg reference feels very appropriate.


This light and airy Our Legacy linen shirt is perfect to keep me cool and comfortable while working from home and has a great feel with a unique colour. Offers a nice contrast in tones and material to these comfy and spacious trousers. Nice and durable when sitting around the house, crafted in a twill fabric with a military inspired feel to keep me in the routine spirit.


For me comfort is key, these Ganni elasticated crepe trousers are perfect and I still feel smart, which is important as it helps me get into the working mind-set. I’m obsessed with colour and this Olivia Rubin jumper ticks all the boxes, and it is super soft too – this definitely brightens up my day! Jewellery for me is a staple and even in a plain outfit a hooped earring can really complete a look.


This Ami hoody and these Edwin jeans are perfect for working outside in the milder weather.


My go-to off duty look is always true blue denim and the perfect white tee, and these Simon Miller Bell Jeans are the perfect wash. And for when I’m a bit chilly, I’m wrapping up with Olivia Rubin’s Tally cardigan in springs most positive hues.


Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert