How to add colour to your home & the benefits to your well-being

There is a whole host of reasons you could argue as to why we have ditched minimalism for maximalism. A global pandemic? Forced to spend a lot of time in homes, the sense of escapism? Or, that we are all taking life a little less seriously and our optimism and a new sense of freedom are coming through our creative outlets?

It is all up for debate however, the positive connection between bold colour palettes and our well-being is widely being spoken about. Bright colours are being used to create positive and uplighting environments, tapping into the current euphoric trend. Here’s how to add colour to your home and some of the benefits…

how to add colour to your home


How to add colour to your home?

Embracing personal expression is the key to adding colour to your home and, it goes hand in hand with positive emotion. When shopping for accessories, picking colour schemes and finding statement furniture, one thing people say is ‘pick the things you are drawn to’. If you buy something as a quick fix or ‘to do’, you know you’ll inevitably go off it.

Start by picking a dominant colour and then pick accent colours that you can add with accessories, soft furnishings and wall art around the room. Access your lighting and how much natural light your room gets, large rooms with big windows can carry extreme palettes such as dark blues and emerald greens.

How to add colour to your home

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If you have a smaller room or less natural light the ever-growing millennial pink or warm statement orange are great palettes. They have become firm favourites for interior designers and house renovations.

It’s about appealing to your sense of fun, it can still be elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

How to add colour to your home


The trend Colour Pop is one way we are adding colour to our homes. The use of bright, block and eclectic colours can have a very empowering effect on your space, it can feel dramatic but enchanting at the same time.

You might have contrasting walls or painted the whole room, ceiling and window cills included. Decorative objects can create an unexpected, ultra-modern aesthetic that instantly draws your eye.

Playful Pastels


Playful pastels are another way to add colour to your home, creating tranquil energy within interiors. Incorporating candy-inspired pastels creates joyous effect but also remains a neutral grounding. Using optimistic mid-tones and atypical colour combinations will give your home the feeling of serenity and a light-hearted effect.

The benefits of adding colour to your interiors?

The connection between colour has often been associated with people’s emotions. We as the consumer connect colour with our mood, the moment and with how we feel about the world around us.

Deep browns and earth-driven hues have proven to make us feel grounded, which is why it is often used in commercial areas. Greens provide nourishment and bring us a sense of balance and yellows infuse us with energy and optimism.

Colour has the power to relax, uplift and inspire, so add some colour to your home and see how it benefits your well being.


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