Spring Beauty Trends for 2018

As a new season approaches, we get ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. Over the winter months our beauty bag can start to feel a bit stale with the usual heavy creams and thick layers needed to keep skin aglow during the harshest time of the year.

Come summer, we are ready to trade a once hefty toilette for just a few simple products that fit the mix. Forgoing the usual foundation routine for a ‘skin first’ moto, we introduce supplements, serums and an invigorating dose of SPF protected Vitamin D.

Once skin is clean and glistening from within, we start to build a more flushed tone with coral blushes and matte bronzers, brows brushed upwards and hair styled without heat. Read on to discover more about spring’s key beauty trends and how you can recreate them at home.

Lit from Within

Whilst many editors talk of that ‘lit-from-within glow’ not many are able to break down what it takes to put your skin first. Your skin is bearing the brunt of every life choice, from that extra cup of coffee to those fifteen minutes spent in the sun. If there’s one brand that can break down skincare like no other, it’s Perricone MD. A firm believer that healthy skin starts from within, the science-first cosmetics company can only preach about the benefits of hydration.

Given that bodies are made up of more than 50% water, it’s vital that we re-hydrate throughout the day to replenish any lost fluids. As we purge such large amounts, it’s essential that we consume large quantities of water as the skin is the last area to be re-hydrated. Three litres is the minimum to keep skin looking fresh and bright but as we all know, with the skin, hydration can be applied directly thanks to glycerine filled lotions and balms.

Perricone MD’s philosophy to good skin involves a lot more than just water and creams though. Heavily invested in supplements, the brand truly believes that feeling good on the inside will make you look so much better on the outside. From the purest Omega 3 fish oil tablets that improve cardiovascular and metabolic health as well as hydrating dry skin from the inside out, to the Super Berry with Acai capsules that deliver powerful doses of antioxidants to protect against free radical damage and combat signs of aging. For a real skin-energising change though, a Super Skin and Super Greens combination provides instant nutrition for overall health and well-being as well as targeted age defying properties. The Super Greens sachets have a unique Perricone MD NRF2 Antioxidant Support Complex™ technology with phytonutrients and probiotics whilst the Super Skin boasts antioxidant rich nutrients including Red Wine Grape skin to support heart health and Sicilian Blood Orange to reduce inflammation – the perfect combination.

Skin First

As always, in summer skin comes first. With so much emphasis on that dewy, fresh faced glow, a healthy base is an imperative start. Cleansing regularly is one of the most effective ways to achieve skin that’s healthier and more radiant. Yes, washing your face in the morning will aid the longevity of your make up, but it’s even more important to remove any bacteria from your face before you go to bed. Without cleansing, impurities will cling to your skin and dead cells will build up, effectively blocking your pores and causing breakouts, dry patches and dullness. Cleansing twice daily, using a mitt or muslin cloth will gently exfoliate away dead cells to reveal supple, soft skin.

More lightweight than traditional creams and balms, serums really come into their own during the warmer months. A highly-concentrated form of skincare, don’t be fooled by the thin consistency of a serum. Whereas thicker creams are ideal for locking in moisture, the small molecular consistency of a serum allows them to penetrate deeply into the skin, transporting health-boosting nutrients to the dermis. A day time serum should feel light, quick drying and not at all oily. The Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil is infused with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients, including Hemp Seed, Abyssinian, Avocado Oils, Rosemary Leaf Extract and a stable form of Vitamin C all compacted into a lightweight ultra-hydrating formula. A night serum on the other hand can be that extra bit heavier, ESPA’s TriActive Advanced Night Booster is an intensive age-defying serum that works overnight to renew cells and improve the appearance of fine lines for a smoother, more even skin tone.

What is Vitamin C Ester? Vitamin C Ester is a highly differentiated, fat-soluble form of Vitamin C. A key ingredient to youthful skin, the body needs vitamin C to manufacture collagen, keep skin glowing and repair damaged cells. A normal Vitamin C compound can be quite unstable and in too high forms can irritate skin and cause redness and breakouts. Vitamin C Ester is specifically formed in a higher concentrate to brighten and smooth skin tones, minimise discoloration all of which helps impart radiance onto your skin.

A Blush Flush

With the imminent departure of winter, everything has started to brighten up, including our cheeks. “The whole idea of putting colour on your cheeks is to mimic a healthy glow,” says makeup artist Laura Mercier, and whilst The Great British Summer is not known for it’s high levels of vitamin D, we are reaching towards new season blushers and bronzers to recreate the look.

A soft bronzer in a matt beige or subtle shimmer can add depth and dimension to the face. Dust powder where the sun naturally hits the face, most prominently on the temples, cheekbones and ever in the eye sockets. For a soft natural look, continue to lightly build the product until you have varying levels of depth. For a soft summertime look all year round, brush product over the nose from once cheek to another. In mimicking the sun’s natural rays on your face, your tanned face will look all the more natural, without the need for those damaging UV rays.

Last summer saw contour swapped for a clean, fresh blush and that doesn’t seem to be changing for SS18. When it comes to blusher, opt for sheer, luminous formulations – enhance your glow rather than try to fake it. Blushes with shimmer can bring dull and sallow skin back to life whist matte shades create a more subtle, natural glow. For a natural flush of colour apply the blush on the apple of the cheeks, blending outwards. Build up with light layers until you reach the desired shade. Add a hint of colour to the end of your nose, under your chin and to either collar bone to tie in your blush and create an overall glow.

Brushed up Brows

Face-framing brows may have been the best accessory from last month’s fashion shows, a trend that we’re keen to see continue into this summer. It seems that each season the brow gets bolder and bushier, not that we’re complaining.  Forgoing the tweezer all together, this season style mavens Kaia Gerber, Bambi Northwood Blythe and Lily Collins opted for a bold brow, brushed upwards to open the face.

Brushing brows up not only widens the eyes, it creates a more polished look that is natural yet feminine. In brushing the brows up, those empty patches become more visible and can be filled with light diagonal strokes. Powder, pencil or pomade, pick your poison. Whereas powder clings to hair, mimicking thicker strand, pomade is great for taming those unruly strands and pencil for elongating the tail.

Soap is a classic tool in the brow arsenal. Hailing back to 1950s Hollywood, soap brows are the answer to all of our luscious, thicker looking, feathery prayers. Simply take a brow spoolie or toothbrush and rub into the soap before brushing onto the brows using small strokes. Add a hint of brown powder to add depth and definition.

Lilac Lids

With 2018’s Pantone Colour of the Year being violet, we’re ready to see purple everywhere, not least on our faces.  Experiment with lilac shades, smudged across the eyelid, the pop of colour will brighten the yes making them appear wider.

Keep makeup natural, brows – of course – brushed upwards and with just a hint of pink on the lips. The perfect hue for those early spring months, you don’t need to be bronzed to wear lilac. If a subtly shimmer doesn’t sit with your skin tone, try and dusky matte shade.

Words by Georgia Leitch

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