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Must-Have Holiday Bags & Accessories

The holiday season is almost here so now is the perfect time to upgrade your seasonal wardrobe with new holiday bags and accessories. Whether you're jetting off to a tropical paradise or heading off on a short city break, the right bags and accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.

From stylish tote and duffle bags to hoop earrings and round-frame sunglasses, we've curated a selection of essential holiday bags and accessories that will take your looks to the next level.

le specs sunglasses


#1 Raffia Bags

by malene birger raffia bag

Raffia bags are the epitome of summer style. With their lightweight and breathable construction, they are perfect for warm-weather getaways. Their natural texture and earthy tones effortlessly complement beachside looks, plus, their spacious interiors provide ample room for suncream, sunglasses, and other essentials. Whether it's a Marni crossbody style or a tote bag from See by Chloe, raffia bags make sure you're stylishly prepared for any adventure under the sun.


#2 Canvas Tote Bags

canvas tote bag

Canvas tote bags are essential holiday bag styles thanks to their durability, spaciousness, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Made from sturdy canvas fabric, these bags offer ample space for essentials and are ideal for carrying souvenirs or beach gear. Lightweight and foldable, they can easily fit into luggage, serving as an extra bag for return trips and making them a must-have for travellers seeking both style and practicality.


#3 Leather Shoulder Bags

tory burch shoulder bag

Leather shoulder bags are must-have holiday bags for travellers, celebrated for their timeless style, durability, and versatility. Their sturdy construction ensures they can withstand the rigours of holiday adventures while providing ample space for essentials such as wallets, phones, and travel documents. The shoulder strap design allows for hands-free carrying, perfect for sightseeing during the day and dining out in the evening.


#4 Colourful Crossbody Bags

marc jacobs bucket bag

Colourful crossbody bags are essential holiday styles, cherished for their vibrant hues and practical design. Offering hands-free convenience, they are an ideal style for exploring bustling holiday destinations or embarking on adventurous excursions. Despite their compact size, they boast sufficient space for essentials like phones, wallets, and sunglasses, ensuring travellers can navigate their holiday activities with ease. Versatile enough to complement beachwear, city outfits, or evening attire, they effortlessly elevate any holiday look, making them an essential style statement for travellers seeking both functionality and flair.


#5 Duffle Bags

polo ralph lauren duffle bag

Duffle bags are indispensable holiday bags, valued for their spaciousness, durability, and versatility. Their roomy interiors can accommodate clothing, toiletries, and other essentials in various sizes, perfect for short weekend getaways or extended trips. Duffle bags are also known for their durability, often crafted from sturdy materials like canvas, leather or nylon, capable of withstanding the rigours of travel. With their combination of practicality and style, duffle bags are essential accessories for holidaymakers seeking efficient and stylish luggage solutions.



#1 Round-Frame Sunglasses

kamo sunglasses

Round-frame sunglasses are essential holiday accessories, favoured for their timeless style and functional design. These sunglasses offer a classic look that complements various outfits, making them perfect for holiday adventures. The round shape provides ample coverage from the sun while exuding a sense of vintage charm and their versatile design suits a range of face shapes and can effortlessly transition from beach days to city exploration.


#2 Gold Hoop Earrings

astrid and miyu gold hoop earrings

Gold hoop earrings are indispensable holiday accessories, celebrated for their versatility and timeless elegance. These earrings come in various sizes and styles, ranging from subtle and classic to bold and statement-making. Their circular design adds a touch of glamour to any holiday ensemble, effortlessly enhancing both casual beachwear and evening attire. Whether lounging by the pool or exploring a vibrant city, gold hoop earrings are the perfect finishing touch to elevate any holiday style, making them a must-have accessory for travellers seeking to add a touch of style to their holiday wardrobe.


#3 Bucket Hats

polo ralph lauren bucket hat

Bucket hats are essential holiday accessories for warm weather getaways, providing stylish protection from the sun's rays. With their wide brims and breathable fabrics, they keep you cool and comfortable while exploring outdoor destinations. Whether you're lounging on the beach, hiking through scenic trails, or sightseeing in the city, a bucket hat adds a trendy and practical touch to your summer looks.


#4 Pearl Necklaces

anni lu pear necklace

Pearl necklaces are essential holiday accessories, cherished for their timeless elegance and versatility. Whether lounging on a tropical beach or attending a formal dinner, pearl necklaces add a touch of refinement to every outfit. Their classic appeal transcends trends, ensuring they remain a staple accessory for holiday wardrobes year after year. Additionally, they come in various lengths and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect piece to complement your neckline and personal style.


#5 Beaded Bracelets

anni lu beaded bracelet

Beaded bracelets are holiday accessories adored for their vibrant colours, intricate designs, and versatility. These bracelets are crafted with an array of beads, ranging from colourful glass to natural stones, creating eye-catching and unique pieces that perfectly complement any holiday outfit. Whether worn alone for a subtle touch of flair or stacked for a bohemian-inspired look, beaded bracelets add a playful yet stylish element to holiday ensembles.


Hannah Needham
Hannah Needham Writer and expert

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