Anni Lu beaded jewellery masterclass with Helle Vestergaard

Undoubtedly the jewellery trend of summer, the 90’s inspired beaded accessories have taken over. Bright mix’n match beads have become the go-to for sizzling sunshine and holiday wardrobes. With the post-pandemic mindset to have fun with our jewellery, Anni Lu has been at the forefront this season.

Creating bespoke jewellery pieces inspired by travel and niche craftsmanship their jewellery has been seen worn by the most influential people in fashion. We join founder Helle Vestergaard for an Anni Lu beaded jewellery masterclass. 

Anni Lu

Hi Helle, Thank you for talking to us today! Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I started Anni Lu in 2013 with the vision in mind of being the most fun and playful jewellery brand in the world.

What inspired you to start Anni Lu and where does your design inspiration come from?

The idea for Anni Lu came to me as I really wanted to find jewellery that I could wear every day, that suited my own personal style, which is very colourful and fun. 

Most of my inspirations have come from travelling to amazing places around the world. Bali, especially has a very special place in my heart. I really love their culture, the nature there, and their beautiful crafts and artwork.  

Anni Lu Beaded Jewellery

Where are you based now?

I’m living just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark which I love because I’m close to nature and the sea. It’s also next door to Louisana, super cool and there is the art museum which I often visit.  

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Colourful! I love colours – especially pink. Anni Lu should be colourful, playful and unpretentious pieces that you can wear in your own personal way that accentuates your style.

Anni Lu Beaded jewellery

Tell us about the design process of your jewellery?

I get my ideas from many different places and I spend a lot of time constantly keeping up to date with new trends, colours and styles. A lot of my inspiration for different colours and materials comes from travelling to new places and searching for traditional crafts from different cultures. It can be anything from Huichol art from Mexico to attachment techniques from Java. I also spend a lot of time in big cities with my head buried in fashion magazines where I am often inspired for new trends. 

Where do you source the materials?

Worldwide! I often go to Paris to explore their jewellery district, which is the ultimate mecca for me. 

Anni Lu Beaded Jewellery

How important is colour to you?

Colour is everything to me. You will always find colourful combinations in our collections.

Why do you think we have become obsessed with beaded jewellery?

Because they are delicate, fun and easy to style!

Anni Lu Beaded Jewellery


What’s your biggest styling tip for jewellery?

Play with them! Mix and match, and make it fun and personal.


Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Q&A – Helle Vestergaard Anni Lu Founder 

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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