Everything you need to know about Cottagecore

We are all feeling uplifted now that spring has sprung and encouraged that we can put away our winter uniforms and wear something more colourful and joyous. As an antidote to the cold weather and previous years of lockdowns, we are seeing a trend around nostalgic, idyllic concepts. Possibly originally an escapism Cottagecore is now a form of creative freedom we can’t get enough off. 

Cottagecore is a trend seen across our wardrobes and interiors, bringing forth a wave of print, pattern and feminity, a real balance between sweet but stylish pieces. Here’s everything you need to know… 

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#1 What is Cottagecore? 

Cottagecore is a romanticized interpretation of traditional English life. It has exaggerated a poetic version of English stereotypes such as picnics and drinking tea. With a whimsical, Beatrix Potter view of how people envision rural living, it’s inspired people to embrace patterns and colours that reflect their emotions. Allowing us to mix colours, patterns and new and older pieces, which goes hand in hand with shifting towards a sustainably conscious lifestyle.

Elements of cluttermore, maximalism and nostalgia creates the feeling of safeness and belonging.

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#2 Cottagecore Colour Palettes 

When it comes to cottagecore the key is vintage colours and playful prints that give it that sweet, antique feel.  Cottagecore steers away from minimalism by using floral prints and exaggerated shapes that exude that vintage feel.

For this season there are lots of pinks, greens and blue’s sparking some energy into our clothing. While in interiors blush tones paired with colourful accessories are used to bring rural style living indoors and lilac is a colour to note for this season. 

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#3 Cottagecore Fashion  

Cottagecore is the perfect multifunctional style for whether you are hosting your garden gathering, attending a wedding, or just wanting something cheerful to wear to the office. When we talk about forever pieces that you can wear on rotation for years, Cottagecore is a trend that springs to mind. Cottagecore is an easy way to achieve a high-end look while being comfortable and is perfect for the uncertainty of British summer weather. 

Whether it’s a new season Sleeper dress or you’ve dusted off a vintage find in a thrift shop, you can never put a date or time on this trend.

#4 Cottagecore Interiors 

Many of us over the last couple of years have spent time making our homes our perfect sanctuary, creating quiet corners and styled spaces within our homes that we can enjoy.  Cottagecore is the interior trend that has been building momentum – playing with different textures and fabrics to give our homes a deep and homely feel.



Cottagecore allows you to mix new treasures with old heirlooms. Only ever pick pieces you love, bring you happiness and truly want there, so you don’t waste your money and end up with clutter.

Tips for achieving your Cottagecore vision; loosen up, opt for genuine, lived-in furnishings, introduced reused or upcycled pieces and bring some plants and foliage into your home. If you want some Cottagecore inspiration, check out the Cottagecore queen @violet_dent and find our wishlist pieces here.


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Written by Holly Thompson

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