Everything You Need To Know About Cottagecore

We are all feeling uplifted now that spring has sprung and encouraged that we can put away our comfy lockdown uniforms and wear something more colourful and joyous. As an antidote to everything that has been going on over the last year, we are seeing a trend around nostalgic, idyllic contempts possibly as escapism. ‘Cottagecore’ is a trend that we are seeing in our wardrobes and interiors, bringing forth a wave of print, pattern and feminity, a real balance between sweet but stylish for this season. 

Maralafontan wearing Cottagecore


#1 What is Cottagecore? 

Cottagecore is a romanticized interpretation of traditional English life. It has exaggerated a poetic version of English stereotypes such as picnics and drinking tea. With a whimsical, Beatrix Potter view of how people envision living in a rural cottage, it has encouraged more pattern and colour into our outfits and homes. 

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#2 Cottagecore Colour Palettes 

When it comes to cottage core the key is colour and print to give it that sweet, antique feel.  Cottagecore steers away from minimalism by using floral prints and exaggerated shapes to give it a vintage feel. While in interiors blush tones paired with colourful accessories are used to bring rural style living indoors.

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salvesengraham Cottagecore Interiors


#3 Cottagecore Fashion  

Cottagecore is the perfect multifunctional style for whether you are hosting your garden gathering, attending a wedding, or just wanting something cheerful for pairing with some trainers for going back to work. This trend is an easy way to achieve a high-end look while being comfortable for what is looking like a British based summer. Here are some brands giving us our daily dose of Cottagecore. 

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#4 Cottagecore Interiors 

Many of us over the last year have spent time making our homes our perfect sanctuary, creating quiet corners and styled spaces within our home that we can enjoy. We have seen the trend of Cottagecore trickle into our interiors with pattern, colour and rustic pieces. Here are some home inspirations and accessories which can complete your Cottagecore vision.

salvesengraham Cottagecore Interior



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Written by Holly Thompson

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