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AW20 Style Notes with Tom Burbidge

Abstract artist Tom Burbidge has been providing Coggles with his creative flair for over a year, and as we look to our community for inspiration, there's noone better to give us their AW20 style notes. Exhibiting across the UK in a selection of galleries, Tom's celebration of colour and emotion in his artwork is often translated into his personal style. We asked Tom to give us an insight into his look and how he is transitioning into the new season.

I view my style, persona and artwork to all be the same gesture, something that is consistent, emitting a certain character that feels unified; words like futuristic, contemporary, minimal, masculine, structure, uncomplicated, technical and non-generic inspire all of these behaviours.

Often my clothing is extremely aligned with my mood and painting in the moment, colours can be seen to be consistent in my outfits that represent my work during each collection.

I look for clothing pieces that match my own beliefs in aesthetic and composition as a theory. I always arrange my clothing in colour order, strange I know, but doing so helps me choose palettes easier to suit and fit my mood. It's also good for my OCD!

Autumn is my favourite season of the year, crisp mornings and colours moving from greens to orange. I love layering and the options the climate gives you for outfits, I tend to wear lots of thin jackets, gilets, bags and hats. I guess we can be more expressive with what we wear when we aren't suffering with heat.

I am so lucky to have a lifestyle where I can just be me in and out of 'work', I get to spend most of my time wearing my favourite clothing and almost try to find my optimum style and fits that define me best. If I am meeting clients, shooting, cutting hair or just out and about I take the opportunity to make an effort with my clothing. Image is everything for me and extends my voice in life and 100% completes me.


Emma Bowkett
Emma Bowkett Writer and expert

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