A Hygge Swedish Apartment

Hygge Swedish Apartment - Bedroom

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish concept we can thoroughly get on board with at Coggles. Roughly translated as ‘cosiness’ and ‘contentment’, hygge is about warmth, comfort, intimacy, and spending time with family and good friends. Hygge comes into its own in the home; where contentment and joy can be found and families spend time together. It’s little wonder, really, why Scandinavian homes are so stylish, because they hope to spend quality time there.

This home is in Sweden – so technically not Danish – but it’s still got plenty of ‘hyggeligt’ features. The apartment is compact but neutral colours and only the necessary pieces of furniture, prevent it from becoming over crowded. Walls are white throughout, with light wooden floors and exposed brick in the open plan kitchen providing a touch of contrast, while the use of dark steel adds an industrial edge to a soft room.

Hygge Swedish Apartment - Living Room

It’s the mixture of texture that gives this home its cosiness – from the rug and blankets in the living room, to the cushions and throws covering the bed in the master bedroom. Keeping the colour palette to whites, tones of grey and accents of dusty pink enables the space to retain its minimalist, Scandi aesthetic.

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Hygge Swedish Apartment - Kitchen

Hygge Swedish Apartment - Hallway

Decorating your house to get that Hygge feel doesn’t have to be a dilemma. Simply exposing the contents of your cupboards, stacking bowls and using transparent serveware can all bring about that warm, cosy feel – providing decoration and practicality.

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Hygge Swedish Apartment - Tiled Wall

Hygge Swedish Apartment - Bedroom

Similarly, the addition of lamps, plants and wall hangings can bring a room together, brightening and texturising a space. A blank canvas might be overwhelming, but it brings opportunity for a choice of colour palette and style direction. Blend monochrome tones with dull pinks and greens for that typical Scandi-vibe.

To read more and learn all the screts of Nordic living, try reading some of the Hygge inspired books at Coggles…

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Words by Olivia Seed & Angharad Jones. Images property of Anders Bergstedt via Entrance Makleri

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Sarah Atkinson

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