How to make a gallery wall with Paper Collective

Looking to bring some colour and personality to a room with a gallery wall but wondering where to start? Fear not, because Paper Collective is here to provide some tips and pointers, along with the wall prints to complete your vision.

Paper Collective


Paper Collective

Paper Collective are the Copenhagen brand that discovers contemporary art prints. In their studio, they collaborate with a selection of handpicked artists from fashion, architecture and illustration backgrounds to create artwork for everyone.

In keeping with the Copenhagen way, the brand is sustainably conscious from their materials, paper, recyclable packaging and all timber production carrying FSC certification.

Gallery Wall Ideas

We pulled out some inspiration to start with, from conversation-starting ensembles to the more paired back arrangements…

#1 @mosebacke

Gallery Wall


#2 @kimlisea

wall gallery


#3 @aploticastudio

Wall Gallery


#4 @restyleart

Gallery Wall


How To Make A Gallery Wall

#1 Space

To make your gallery wall, firstly (stating the obvious) evaluate your space and which wall you are working with. Consider the lighting and the size of the room, think about sightlines and what you want to see first when you enter the room. A small picture can get lost on a larger wall, while a more substantial artwork could dominate a room. Especially if it is a darker piece of art. Decide whether you prefer an orderly structure with a tidy grid or you prefer an array of different sizes to mix it up.

#2 Artwork

Onto the fun part, selecting your artwork. You may be the type of person who has been collecting pieces of artwork over time, unsure exactly what you plan to do with them. Or, you could be the type of person who is now going to go out and try and find the perfect pieces for your vision. Whatever the latter, our advice would be to buy artwork that you connects with. You should never buy artwork you are not 100% sold on. It’s something where everyone has a very individual taste. If you are buying artwork already framed, don’t be afraid to mix and match, it will give the gallery wall an eclectic feel.

With a gallery wall make sure you fill the gaps, you don’t want it to look sparse. A good tip is to lay everything out on the floor, it allows you to weigh up how you want to arrange them and fill in any gaps.

#3 Hanging

An easy rule to stick by is to hang your pictures at eye level. This means positioning your artwork roughly 57-60 inches from the floor. Depending on the ceiling height of the room – and your height, of course. We recommend you start with the largest one, so you know that you can fit them all nicely.

Trust your eye, don’t feel you have to have measured everything within an inch of its life. Consider direct sunlight when positioning your artwork because it can cause damage. Hot areas such as kitchens or above radiators you must consider also.


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