Spring flowers for your home

Last weekend was officially the first day of spring and we are all looking forward to sunnier days. As the season changes we love to bring elements of the outdoors into our homes. With this season renowned for all the spring flowers in bloom, it’s such a simple way to lift your interior space. 

spring flowers for your home

From a simple bunch of Daffodils to a potted Hyacinth, they add a focal point to a room. Catching your attention with a joyful splash of colour and giving the sense of fresh and airy spaces. This spring we wanted to look at the basics covering the most asked questions from which spring flowers are in bloom, to growing tips and life expectancy.

What Flowers Bloom in Spring?


Snowdrops are some of the earliest spring flowers to bloom. They are small white flowers that give you the feeling of a meadow or field in the spring. If you want a trough of snowdrops in your home they clump together and should be kept in cool shaded areas. A North-facing windowsill would be the perfect spot, as too much sunlight will cause these flowers not to develop bulbs. 

Spring flowers for your home



Possibly the most well-known spring flower, is the daffodil. It’s such a small but mighty flower with a bright yellow face. These flowers are so complimentary in a vase or jug on a dining table or work surface. These flowers can bloom in harsh conditions if you do want to plant them in your garden or a planter.


Hyacinths have a traditional appearance and come in a range of plush colours such as pink, purple and white. They look great within a pot display as they are neat and compact, perfect for Easter time on a coffee table. They are easy to grow with the correct preparation. Plant in moist but well-drained soil in a sunny spot. 

spring flowers for your home



One of the most popular spring flowers is the Tulip. Coming in such a large range of colours, they are such a cheerful but dramatic bunch of flowers to have in your home. Beautifully full in a vase they will set the tone for your window sill or table. They are in fact very easy to grow and will survive in the sun or part shade and a bonus for the UK, they best perform in places with cold winters. 


A forget-me-knots are joy-inducing little low-growing blue flowers that are great for a planter or arrangement you want for a centrepiece. You are a hearty little flower that is great at filling in spaces amongst your tulips and daffodils. They only grow to 5 inches but when bunched together make an impact for spring. The best grow in shady spots in warmer climates down south. 

spring flowers for your home



Hydrangeas are the vase-worthy spring flower that will set a statement in your home. They have large flower faces in pastel colours that will give a really full effect on your larger vases. Hydrangeas do best in moist soil and can wilt in hot weather so keep well watered during hot weather. 


Carnation flowers bloom later in spring around May time. These are sweet small flower heads on long stems which look wonderful in a taller vase for spring. You can grow them indoors or if you have a bunch in a vase, keep them out of direct sunlight. Regular cutting and deadheading will also stimulate new buds and extend the flower’s bloom time. 

How Long Do Spring Flowers Last?

How long the spring flowers last depends on the flower and whether you have planted them or whether they’re a bunch. Keep an eye on your flowers, if you notice wilting leaves or drooping your flowers need a little bit of extra care. Make sure they have water and cut back any dead ones. Snowdrops and daffodils will bloom early each year, these bulbs are reliably perennial and carefree. Tulips may bloom every several years but soil conditions are ideal. 

spring flowers for your home


For your bunches of flowers keep them out of direct sunlight if it’s a place that catches the sun all day. Most spring flowers thrive in cooler spots so keep in mind positioning them near radiators or electronics. Remove your flowers every few days and cut a quarter of an inch off the end, this will encourage them to drink water. Flowers also like clean water so be sure to change it with room temperature water to get the most out of them. 

When To Plant Spring Flowers? 

Most flowers should be planted in early spring, after the coldest spells and the winter’s last frosts. So if you are looking to plant some spring flowers, look to do it about now or wait till mid to late October.


Written by Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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