How To Choose The Best Sportswear For Your Workout

Activewear, over time, has become many things. It is no longer just the outfit we select ahead of our trip to the gym; combining function with fashion, designers and influencers have turned to luxe sport styles both on and off the runway.The rise of popularity for athleisure has been driven by design-led brands such as P.E Nation, whose high-performance activewear allows its consumer to hit the gym at 9am and also make brunch at 11am – all in the same attire (read more here >>).

But whilst activewear is being worn frequently, it is important to ensure the right attire is worn for your exercise in order to maximise your body’s potential and see the best effects. Keep reading to find the best sportswear for your workout…


Recently Coggles commented on the importance of compression leggings, and we stand by this (read more here >>). Noting their ability to expand and contract without losing their original shape, compression leggings are also great for high-intensity performance due to their blood circulation enhancing properties and sweat control.

For any high-intensity workouts or gym sessions that involve stretching, ensure that you can move in your leggings easily. There is nothing worse than attempting some good, productive exercise, but all you can think about is how restrictive or uncomfortable your outfit is. Try leggings made with elastane or stretch knit materials for a more comfortable, breathable fit.

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Sports bras

For some, all sports bra’s are seen to be the same. But in reality, different styles of sports bras offer different things. From skinny straps to banded straps, choosing the right supporting bra for you is really important (read more here >>).

We recommend that for all activity, whether tough or subtle, you need a sports bra that supports you, is comfortable and not too tight nor loose. We recommend sports bra’s made from elastane or polyamide, which both allow for a stretchy, yet gripped feel.

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Not long ago we sat down with Ryan and Adam Goldston from Athletic Propulsion Labs to discuss the benefits of their performance footwear and how they fuse technology and design into their footwear creations (read more here >>). Technology-based footwear has become increasingly popular for the consumer as they want to better their performance ability, whilst flashing a well-designed shoe.

But what makes a shoe technical? Beyond how a shoe looks, the technicalities of performance footwear lies in the materials, its shape and breathability. Compression spring based soles propel the heel upwards once pressure has been felt; ideal for running, sporting games and high-intensity workouts.

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