How To Choose The Best Sportswear For Your Workout

Activewear, over time, has become many things. It is no longer just the outfit we select ahead of our trip to the gym; combining function with fashion, designers and influencers have turned to luxe sport styles both on and off the runway.

The rise of popularity for athleisure has been driven by design-led brands such as P.E Nation and MP, whose high-performance activewear allows their consumers to hit the gym at 9am and also make brunch at 11am – all in the same attire.

But whilst activewear is being worn frequently, it is important to ensure the right attire is worn for your exercise in order to maximise your body’s potential and see the best effects.

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MP Women’s Velocity 1/4 Zip Top & Velocity Leggings

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For High Cardio Training

For high cardio training, design and technicality must come first!

This year we’ve seen many brands take their performance product up a notch and produce some pretty innovative collections that combine technical performance with a stylish modern design. Collections are now being built with the modern metropolitan athlete in mind, such as the MP Velocity collection which has just landed at Coggles.

Whether you’re cycling, running a 5k, doing a HIIT home workout or hitting the gym – MP clothing has been designed with a “function first” mindset to work within synergy to your body due to its technical reactive fabrics.

Sportswear mens joggers

MP Men’s Velocity Joggers

Breathability and Mobility 

When working out, heat and sweat are the two worst pain points. To make your workout more enjoyable, opt for sportswear that has been designed with this in mind.

Look for qualities like wicking or mesh panelling. Compression leggings are a great example of this, as they can expand and contract without losing their original shape. Compression leggings are also great for high-intensity performance due to their blood circulation enhancing properties and sweat control.

sportswear leggings

@maayajardon in Varley

For any high-intensity workouts or gym sessions that involve stretching, it’s vital to ensure that you can move in your sportswear easily.

Opt for sportswear made with elastane or stretch knit materials for a more comfortable, breathable fit (leggings with a high-shine such as the MP Women’s Velocity Leggings avoid friction building up from your legs brushing past eachother!)

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For Running

Whether you train on the track or prefer a long-distance trek, it’s important to ensure your sportswear will go the distance with you. Simple, unrestricted design is key when running – so opt for lightweight and stretch fabrics to ensure no additional weight and maximum mobility.

For running, we recommend the MP Velocity collection, which has gone through rigorous development with athlete testing. Inspired by the unity and diversity of the running community, this collection is appropriate for every level of runner.

All items are fit for purpose, with exceptional technology and design to create the perfect running kit. Think reflective details, clever storage solutions and pockets, body map knitted ventilation textures and so much more.

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MP Velocity Sports Bra

The Right Sports Bra

For some, all sports bra’s are seen to be the same. But in reality, different styles of sports bras offer different things. From skinny straps to banded straps, choosing the right supporting bra for you is important. 

For all activity, whether tough or subtle, you need a sports bra that supports you, is comfortable and not too tight nor loose. Opt for sports bra’s made from elastane or polyamide, which both allow for a stretchy, yet gripped feel. Adjustable and customisable support is an absolute must!



The benefits of performance footwear are limitless. The increase in demand for technical sneakers has meant that many brands are increasingly fusing innovative technology and design into their collections.

But what makes a shoe technical? Beyond how a shoe looks, the technicalities of performance footwear lies in the materials, the shape and breathability.

Specialist running trainers from brands such as ON are specifically engineered to deliver a soft landing followed by an explosive take-off, which is perfect for any workout. Compression spring-based soles propel the heel upwards once pressure has been felt, resulting in an unbelievably light sensation that doesn’t compromise on comfort.


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