Five of the Best Coffee Table Books

There’s a multitude of benefits to settling down with a book, from improved memory to less stress and more empathy. But in the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy for that novel to start gathering dust on your bedside table. Sometimes we simply can’t find the time for a long-read, consequently getting our daily pages via websites and ink-smudged train magazines. A chicer alternative? Coffee table books that you’re actually interested in.

Yes, they can be a great addition to your room, providing a needed pop of colour or adding a little intellect into your lounge. But having books there and available, with short chapters and lots of pictures, will definitely up your reading time. To get you going, we’ve collated our top picks for coffee table books, so turn off the TV and pick up one of these. 

Coffee Table Book

#1 Kinfolk Home

Seen lurking in all the most envy-inducing Instagram shots, Kinfolk is a cult favourite magazine. Diving deep into the topics of home, style and arts, Kinfolk is all about connecting a global community of creatives. Their pieces are all about promoting quality of life and living well, since their launch in 2011 they’ve become a leading voice in lifestyle and design.

Ideal for the nosey, their book Kinfolk Home gives you a peek into the homes of creatives from Asia to Africa, Europe to America. With beautiful images and insightful interviews about interior design for slow living and happiness, this book might be the cause of a redecoration project.


#2 Information Is Beautiful

For those that are less visual and more scientific, this is a must-have. Perfect reading if you want to wow your friends with new facts or if you need some revision material for your weekly pub quiz. Full of stats and figures on a huge range of topics, Information Is Beautiful is a book that combines art and science by reminding us all of the beauty of a good infographic. Displayed in creative ways, the book features charts on topics like the biggest global media scares, and visual maps of social media cliches.

For the curious-minded, this is a must for a bit of light reading that’ll teach you a lot.


#3 London Uprising


Go behind the doors of the atelier in this book packed full of exclusives. Looking into the rise of the fashion capital, London Uprising tracks the rise of the fashion industry in the city through interviews and glimpses into the lives of fifty leading designers. Featuring Paul Smith, Stella McCartney and more, this book has far more substance than your typical fashion picture book, offering a deeper look into the designer’s philosophies and practises accompanied by never before seen sketches and portraits.

#4 Plant Style: How To Greenify Your Space

There are lots of benefits of filling your house with greenery, from reduced stress to better breathing, but only if you can keep them alive…

Not only does Plant Style give you style tips for adding a little green into your home, but also gives you advice on which plants to keep in which room, how much light different plants need and how much you should be watering them. Helping your home look bright and stay bright, this is a must-read for the aspiring owner of an urban jungle. 


#5 Fashionpedia

Designed to be as visually driven as the people who use it, Fashionpedia is a visual dictionary for all things fashion. Overflowing with reference images, face charts and patterns, Fashionpedia is a must-have for any fashion lover. Covering everything from inside industry knowledge, guides to picking and caring for materials, and trend timelines, you’ll definitely be reaching for this over and over again.

For history, information and inspiration all in one place, don’t let its minimalist cover fool you; there’s a lot to discover here.


Words by Lucy Harbron

Lucy Harbron

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