3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, Denmark

An event that showcases the best of Danish style, 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen offers a breath-taking view of contemporary interiors, and the artists and creators behind them. Over the space of three days, well-known names and new faces presented prototypes, launch products, new season lines, and behind the scenes information about their innovative collections.


Set in the heart of Copenhagen, in a sunny late spring, the annual festival was originally established with an aim to promote global awareness of Danish design and introduce Copenhagen as a design capital. Slowly, over the years, the fair has become a meeting point – a networking event of such – for those interested by architecture, interiors, and beautifully crafted creations.

From dinners at the highly coveted Barr, where food was served up with cutlery from studio Table Noir to pop up workspaces from Muuto who worked with interior architect Natalia Sanchez to transform a co-working space named Nomad into a range of different office environments, the event truly showcased how the Danes live with design.

The festival was the perfect setting for Menu to relaunch their famed Knitting chair – originally designed by architect Ib Kofod Larsen in the 1950s – and announce the opening of their city-center hotel in November, a space that will combine design with ease and practicality.

From exhibitions and art shows, to late night amusement park openings where Normann Copenhagen chose to showcase their new 300-piece collection, inspired by parts of the fairground, 3daysofdesign offered a sea of colour, shapes, and textures. We wait patiently for next year…

Words by Georgia Leitch / Images Courtesy of 3daysofdesign

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