Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Brands at Coggles

November isn’t only the month of diving head first into autumnal leaves and your Christmas prep, it’s also Vegan month. With the aim to raise awareness of living a plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly life, Vegan Month is an annual celebration each November. Whether they are using recycled materials or saying no to mass production, discover some of the brands at Coggles putting their efforts into integrating more eco-conscious and sustainable production methods.

Sustainable and eco-conscious brands

#1 The Little Green Sheep

You may feel like the list of essential items for your little one is forever growing. From baskets to muslin cloths and baby grows and prams, it’s good to have a brand you know you can rely on for quality long lasting products that won’t let you down. That’s where The Little Green Sheep excels, using only natural and organic materials to create beautiful baby products free from any signs of chemicals or synthetic materials. All bedding is crafted from luxury organic linen and organic cotton blend without the use of any pesticides. All wooden baby gyms are made from sustainably sourced wood and hand oiled for a natural finish.

#2 Faithful the Brand

Bringing us feminine shapes and vintage prints, Faithfull the Brand‘s lust-worthy dresses, tops and skirts are inspired by the rare prints and fabrics found while founders Sarah and Helle were travelling. Designed for the modern day globe trotter, designs are made to make the wearer feel comfortably chic and confident both on their travels and at home. Based in Bali, the brand partners with local factories who hand-make all garments rather than opting to mass produce collections.



#3 LSA

London based studio LSA is another brand specialising in producing handmade products. LSA avoids all mass production methods and each product is carefully considered for a collection of genuinely useful, relevant pieces for longevity in quality and style. The brand is passionate about customers buying less and owning for longer. Their glass products are infinitely recyclable and all waste materials including bottles and jars are transformed into useful products. All wood used in LSA collections is responsibly-sourced and certified by Forest Stewardship Council who ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards.

#4 Good News

Here’s some Good News for you, your new favourite sneaker brand is also one of the most sustainable brands in the shoe game. With their contemporary designs and chunky soles the brand strives to improve the environmental and social sustainability of their sneaker collections by decreasing their carbon, chemical and water footprint. Sneakers are crafted from recycled rubber, recycled eco-lite footbed and organic cotton and weave uppers. They also keep a close eye on their supply chain to promote fair trade and donate all deadstock or faulty shoes to the homeless and refugees in need.

#5 Avant Skincare

Skin saviour Avant nourishes, restores and treats our skin with their nutrient-dense skincare products to promote naturally radiant skin. With a focus on creating products with health and beauty benefits, Avant skincare uses only natural ingredients and carefully selected science-based actives. The brand is passionate about not compromising on their eco-conscious practices and will never test on animals. The PETA approved brand is proudly certified by Cruelty-Free International guaranteeing that formulas are free from animal derivatives, and that both our finished products and raw materials are and have never been tested on animals.

#6 Skandinavisk



Offering us a variety of home and body fragrance products inspired by the Nordic region, Skandinavisk create subtle, refined scents reminiscent of Scandinavia. They are proudly a Certified B Company meaning that they are legally required to consider their impact on the environment. They have also partnered with the City of Copenhagen and their Sustainable Baseline program to integrate methods of offsetting their carbon footprint. The brand have also stopped all use of palm oil, soy, paraffin, beeswax, virgin plastic and cellophane wrapping to help with their efforts to become a more sustainable company.


Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert