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How to Dress for an Occasion: The Many Styles

Where you’re going, who will be there and the nature of the occasion, are all factors when deciding upon your final outfit. Not to mention, your personal style, that of course guides you throughout the shopping process. In the current winter season, there are many events to come and many events to find stylish outfits for. From Christmas nights out, balls, family gatherings, New Year’s Eve parties and more. Coggles has rounded up five key looks to help you decide which look will suit your occasion best...

The Modern Evening Dress

Worn to: Christmas parties, New Year countdown

Worn with: Stilettos or ‘barely there’ heels.

Why this look: Party outfits are intended to stand out. So whether you go for glitz or print, there isn’t a better way to demonstrate that modern look than at the party of the year...

The Romantic Day Dress

Worn to: Day events and social gatherings.

Worn with: For day-to-day dressing, pair with boots. For the evenings, try some court heels.

Why this look: Wondering how to wear a dress in winter? The prairie look has got it covered. For a day event, this look wins. Style with an oversized jumper for that ultimate casual look and wear with bare legs or tights.

The Extra Special Suit

Worn to: Dinner and drinks

Worn with: Worn with a casual tee to dress down or go formal with a contrasting printed blouse. Pair with heels and a pouch bag for extra style.

Why this look: Dressing for dinner is quickly associated with dresses. Try a stylish suit to mix things up and enjoy the comfort too!

Glitz and Glamour

Worn to: Winter balls and Christmas formals

Worn with: Court heels or embellished stilettos

Why this look: Embrace the glitz and glamour of a winter ball with your outfit. Try full length gowns for that magical feel and play with colours and textures you might not have before...

The Stand Out Separates

Worn to: Formal evenings

Worn with: Smart heels and simple clutch or mini bag.

Why this look: Attending a formal event or occasion, the separates outfit can bring more opportunity to an outfit. Mix and match skirts and trousers with blouses and stylish uppers to get that ultimate sophisticated look. Also, if you're wondering what to wear to a cocktail part, then separates might be your best option...


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Olivia Seed
Olivia Seed Editor
A minimalist fashion fan with high interests in the odd print or check. Constantly trying to make my home look like a catalogue; you can find me shopping for cute bedding, candles and other Instagrammable interior accessories.

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