raawii & The Strøm Ceramics Collection

Creating versatile and refined products raawii produces ceramics that set any space or setting. Founded in 2017, by Bo Raahauge and Nicholai Wiig-Hansen the style is described as dynamic life design.

Creating impactful, sophisticated collections such as the iconic Strøm which become a base for the company. Here’s everything you need to need to know about the brand with some scandi styling inspiration…


About the brand

Based in Copenhagen the brand name ‘raawii’ is a combination of the two founders’ initials. Both – one designer and educator, the other an economist and development expert – share the curiosity to work with creatives of different backgrounds and love the process of turning ideas into reality.

We call this “modernism with heart”.

They believe that good design should bring you happiness and evoke an emotional feeling even if it is a practical object such as a water jug. They understand that is a big decision to put something in your home whether is it a practical object or a piece of art. You will notice that raawii love working with colour and unusual shapes considering light, mood shadow and mood.

Pushing themselves from a design perspective to revisit ideas over and over again, they believe in optimism and human-centred design solutions. Wanting to encourage a positive impact on people’s wellbeing while being mindful of the environment is key to their brand ethos.




raawii ceramics are hand made in 12 production steps. The production process is an intricate one – from selecting the clay, to casting and drying it. The design process takes time but also specific craftsmanship and precise skills. This unique manufacturing leads to slight variations in the surface, finishing but also the weight of the final products. This is what makes each item in a subtle – and often barely visible way completely unique.


raawii design is creating products that last, designers have a responsivity to take care of this world. Products that can be passed down through the generations is important to them because the world has limited resources. So creating designs that last or can be repaired are things that need to be considered.



raawii Strøm

The collection is a collaboration between raawii and Barcelona born creative director, editor and publisher, Omar Sosa. After becoming friends several years ago in Belgrade, Nicholai finally convinced the creative director and co-founder of Apartamento magazine to design a collection for raawii. Designing glazed ceramics in 4 shapes and 9 colours, the collection is iconic with a striking yet simplistic aesthetic. The Strøm vessel and bowl are designed to encourage an emotional reaction and allow you to determine what you want to use it for.

In this connection, I don’t want people to think we created these items with a purpose in mind. Everyone can use them as they like – to put a salad in or feed their dog with; it doesn’t matter. – Omar


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