Innovative and sustainable tech brands to have on your radar

These are the brands that are challenging the unsustainable tech industry with simplistic design and innovative sound technology.

If you are looking for the best sound engineering and modern design then these are the tech brands we are shouting about…


Since its creation in 1991 by René Adda, French brand Lexon has continued to push the boundaries for innovative, usual and affordable technology. Lexon has brought together talented designers to produce cutting-edge technology from electronics, audio, travel accessories, and office or leisure. 

Discover the leading wireless charger with built-in UV sanitiser, trending on social media this technology has been a firm favourite across the world.




Koble is a cool tech brand that’s combined forward-thinking technology to modernise your home. They create three-legged tables in a minimalist style with useful tech functions.

Coming with a built-in USB charging point, wireless speaker and battery life so you can move it from room to room, these are a great way of modernising your home.

 Bang & Olufsen

Originally founded in 1925, in a Danish farmhouse, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen reinvented the radio. They developed The Eliminator, the first mass-produced radio that could be plugged into the wall, without a battery.

Today, Bang & Olufsen continue to develop sound quality with a focus on long-lasting design. Their headphones are wireless and with sounding blocking technology to block out background noise, giving you the best experience. They come complete with padded cushioning and are lightweight providing optimum comfort.


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