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Well known for statement accessories and iconic utilisation of LEGO pieces, Les Petits Joueurs has landed on Coggles. Translating to “The Little Players”, the French euphemism defines those who are risk averse; which perhaps contrasts their bold pop elegant designs promoted at the forefront of the brand. The audacious designs are loved by Instagram’s elites and featured heavily amongst the posts and on the arms of such influencers as Margaret Zhang, Olivia Palermo, Patricia Manfield and Diletta Bonaiuti.

Designer, Maria Sole Cecchi, holds the brains behind the iconic pieces. Born in Florence in 1987, she relocated to Paris at 20, to follow her desire to create unique customized handbags and accessories. Most notably, she used LEGO bricks to carve out “LOVE” on the front of her designs, initially driving orders from her closest friends and family. Maria Sole spread the “LOVE” to Sao Paulo where her designs were accepted, adored and worn by Brazil’s most favoured celebrities and models. A cult following, fuelled by hired street photographers and social media postings, spread the buzz of Cecchi’s work and her “LOVE” logoed purse.

Like wearing a Harvard sweater at Harvard ??‍♀️

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Following a move back to Florence in 2013, Cecchi partnered with her brother and focused on the principles of her work; resulting in the creation of Les Petit Joueurs. After only two years, the brand gained mass attention with the fresh, modern designs and unique materials still used today.

LPJ directly works with LEGO manufacturers to create and maintain the specially commissioned pieces rolled out in the brand’s infancy. The combination of traditional Italian craftsmanship with quirky aesthetics have created iconic pieces that make a statement with any contemporary outfit.

Ahead of season, nature and heritage take the focal point as themes for day time accessories, hosting tones of red, green and rich browns. Spring colours of pink and blue still loom but contrast with the animal prints and emblems that speak of adventure, and future Autumn/Winter trends. Notably, Cecchi has updated the craftsmanship that surrounds the creation of straps and handles to include fur, stud-work, detailing and pattern.

All Cecchi’s designs are completely made by hand and incorporate a precise styling, shape or specific colour following the unique ‘idea’ based philosophy embedded within the brand. Despite the evolution of iconic statement pieces drawn out amongst their seasonal collections, the brand identity remains. Taking influence from different continents and recent travels, Cecchi embeds a cultured perspective whilst consistently entrenching her iconic symbols surrounding a pop elegance; exploiting stripes, LEGO, velvet, fur and shape.


My focus on models and shapes this season complemented the corresponding evolution of LPJ’s design direction. The maturity of the brand for FW18/19 is very visible, while still retaining the foundational details that make a bag ‘LPJ,’ 

Creative Director and Founder, Maria Sole Cecchi.


On trend for next season, Cecchi has placed a hard focus on evening and night time styles. The universal fantasy theme is placed on vintage pouch bags; an update from the traditional go-to clutch that are most popular in every fashionista’s wardrobe. The cosmic embellishments, such as planets and stars, are set amongst inky tones and texturized velvet to create a dark wonder – the perfect mysterious evening accessory.


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Words by Olivia Seed

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