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Everything to know about the sustainable brand Nanushka

Celebrating the launch of menswear this season, we take a closer glimpse into one of our most sustainable brands Nanushka. Founded by Sandra Sandor over a decade ago, the Budapest-based brand is notorious for perfecting a minimal aesthetic with bohemian energy. Read our full article looking at the latest collection, the story behind the brand and more. 

Who is the designer of Nanushka? 

Sandra Sandor is the founder of Nanushka. After studying in 2000 at the London College of Fashion, Sandor returned back to Budapest after her studies and set up Nanushka in 2006. Nanushka designs soft luxury pieces with a focus on Hungarian heritage and simple functional fashion with sustainability at the forefront of what they do. Nanushka was Sandor’s childhood nickname. As a child, she struggled to pronounce Sandy and would instead say ‘Nany’ which her father then nicknamed her Nanushka. It’s also the Russian word grandmother which feels fitting for a designer so wise before her time. 

Where is Nanushka based?

The brand has always been based in Budapest and in fact, all of its production is in Hungary. Hungary used to have a large textile industry. However, it collapsed in the 80s due to technical advancements. Sandor wanted to keep all of the production in Hungary, using skilled seamstresses and pattern makers to create her vision. 

We believe that if a garment is designed to function well, it will, by definition, be beautiful.


The Collections

The Nanushka collections are inspired by travel and people with a nomadic and free spirit. Where you can be open and receptive to adventure and new surroundings. When everything feels exciting and fresh. The collections are a mix of exotic places with cultural references from Western to Eastern influences. 

The pieces you will find in the collection are simplistic and timeless and very much, bode to that forever wardrobe. With classic twist crepe tops and rushed leather handbags, these are simple statement pieces that you will be able to wear season after season.


Nanushka launched menswear this season with the same modern, bohemian, nomad qualities as the Nanuska women. Exploring the fluid relationship between men and women with a focus on comfort, functionality, quality and provenance.

The idea, that good design and creativity will take over from hype consumption. Redefining luxury fashion by pioneering sustainability through craftsmanship, experimentation and progressivism. The new season pieces in keeping with the women's collection are neutral with a focus on fabric types. From faux leather shirts to shell shirts and intarsia knits, the designs are modern, current and for someone who has natural style. 


Are Nanushka vegan? 

Nanushka from the offset has had a functionalist ethos and core design principles at the heart of the brand. Their focus is on low-impact materials, conscious creativity and responsibly produced fashion. 

Nanushka has always been at the forefront of vegan leather. Pioneering an alternative to vegan leather that is more planet-friendly called Okobor. Okobor is 56% recycled polyester and 44% polyurethane and is loved for its soft buttery, leather-like fabric. Developed in-house, it's not yet 100%  recycled but it’s produced using a dry method that requires 80% less water in comparison to wet processing methods. Furthermore, it does not require the harmful chemicals that are often used in the tanning process.


Repair, rent, recycle - Nanushka teamed up with Eon which allows you to scan a QR code embedded in the product to find out the journey of the garment. This is to create a circle fashion model so you can see how to care for your garment and if it's recyclable or biodegradable. The Nanushka stores offer a repair service, which provides professional repairs for buttons, zippers and more. The brand is also featured on rental sites such as Hurr aiming to reduce consumption and allowing more than one person to enjoy the item. Finally, Eon's digital ID gives you the material composition which allows you to figure out what is best for the garment's end of life when recycling.

Fabric innovation - The brand is constantly innovating new fabrics and pushing old ones with new techniques. The brand newly launched an eyewear collection from recycled acetate frames, bio lenses created from castor oil and pouches crafted from deadstock.


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Holly Thompson Writer and expert

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