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If we are going to talk about the difference between Isabel Marant Etoile and Isabel Marant we have to start with the much-loved designer behind the brand. The iconic Parisian designer blends relaxed tailoring with her androgynous, bohemian aesthetic. Providing wearable women’s clothing inspired by her personal wardrobe needs, her cult following continues to grow. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand… 

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Who is Isabel Marant? 

Marant was born in Paris in 1967 to a German mother and French photographer father. Her parents divorced when she was seven and Marant was raised primarily by her father and stepmother, who was always dressed head to toe in Yves Saint Laurent. 


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From the age of 10, Isabel (originally Isabelle but dropped the e when so many of her classmates had the same name) was sick of the sophistication of french fashion and knew that wasn’t what she wanted to wear.

So, she decided to make her own clothes with a sewing machine and her dad’s old wardrobe. Soon, her friends began asking her to recreate pieces, but she didn’t think a career in fashion was for her and prefered the idea of a veteran. It was only when she started making a profit, did she change her mind from economics to studying design at the prestigious Studio Berçot fashion school in Paris in 1985.

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Isabel Marant

Feminine, nonchalant and always classy Isabel Marant are the sartorial interpretation of the very coveted Parisian style. Launching in 1994, with a studio in Paris’ trendy Marais district after working alongside Bridget Yorke on two collections and assisting art director Marc Ascoli on projects for Chloé, Martine Sitbon, and Yohji Yamamoto. The following year, in 1995, she showed her first collection at Paris Fashion Week with her friends as models.

My strength is myself, my perspective as a woman. Everything starts with my point of view, and what I would like to wear today, that has always guided everything. I wanted to create a garment to dress myself in.

Across a career spanning almost thirty years in fashion, Isabel Marant has built one of the industry’s most recognisable and loved brands, her signature is more philosophical than simply aesthetic; it is based on ease, reality, sincerity, comfort, elevation. Her minimalist style and luxe-bohemian style collections still make their way into every fashion-savvy women’s wardrobe.

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What is Isabel Marant Étoile? 

In 1999 Marant debuted the diffusion line, Étoile by Isabel Marant, at the Paris ready-to-wear shows, and the next year she introduced the first full Étoile collection. The second shop was opened in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in 1999, followed by the third in the Marais in 2007, and the fourth in the 16th arrondissement in 2012. Marant said that everyone thinks,

Étoile is the main line’s poor little sister but I love it and wear it all the time, with a nice pair of boots. It’s the easy part of the collection that I love to do. 

Étoile is where the true Marant fangirls shop because they know that certain pieces are likely to be there, no matter what season it is. Renown for a good pair of jeans, a classic Tee’s, a quilted jacket and a military-style jacket that’s also not so military, Etoile provides “Real clothes for real moments”. 

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Who wears Isabel Marant Étoile? 

Who doesn’t wear Isabel Marant Étoile? She is literally THE downtime designer go-to for the likes of Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Beyoncé Knowles and Racheal Weisz. Along with her elite model circle including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio. 

Who’s collaborated with Isabel Marant?  

Isabel Marant has done many collaborations with brands such as Anthropologie but everyone remembers the H&M collaboration in 2013 which was something of a phenomenon, crashing the H&M website and completely selling out in 45 minutes. 


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