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The need-to-know about A.P.C.

A.P.C. is the brand in demand, with its collaborations and core lines coveted since its launch. Seen splashed across street style blogs after each fashion week, A.P.C. is loved by Hypebeast and scandi minimalists alike. Standing with a foot in both trending and timeless.

Known for their high-quality basics and anticipated collaborations, A.P.C. remains one of our most beloved brands. To help you believe the hype, here’s the need to know about A.P.C.

A.P.C Carhartt

#1 What does A.P.C. stand for?

A.P.C stands for Atelier de Production et de Création, summarising the brand’s ethos perfectly. Focused on quality and made with an artistic vision, the brand sees production and creation as an art, being as much a part of the creative process as designing.

#2 The origins of the brand

The brand was started in Paris 1987 by Tunisian-French designer Jean Touitou. After stumbling into an entry-level fashion job by accident, Touitou found himself working for Kenzo founder Takada Kenzo, introduce him to Japanese design and influence. When he began his own collections, at first his labels simply read HIVER or ETE, rejecting branding for a focus on the seasons and functionality, gaining a unisex following of his initial collections.

jean toutiou of apc

image by Dmitry Kostyukov via The New York Times

By 1989 when the A.P.C label was debuted, the brand already had a cult following dedicated to their high-quality, minimalist designs. Bringing basics into the realm of luxury fashion, A.P.C have maintained that same focus on functionality and quality since the start.

Originally, the brand had a focus on denim, gaining popularity for their use of Japanese selvedge denim. This raw denim is rigid and dry, designed to be broken in with wear and made using no colours or dyes as it comes straight from the loom. While the range now includes everything from dresses to bags, A.P.C denim products remain their best buys.

As it stands now, the brand is still run by Jean Touitou who takes on the role of creative director alongside his wife Judith who is the artistic director.

#3 The ethos behind the brand

A.P.C is inspired by everyday life, keeping functionality at the heart of their designs. Shrugging off trends, the brand symbolises an absence of extravagance in favour of a return to essentials as their range features high-quality basics that will certainly stick around for a while. This rejection of extravagance allows the brand to be authentic and accessible with a range that is largely unisex. They believe in having the best, living a simple but high-quality life and investing in things that will stay close forever. Above all, A.P.C is about minimalism, offering timelessly stylish casual fits to improve day-to-day life for the wearer.

#4 Where are my A.P.C. jeans made?

A.P.C. denim products, from jeans and jackets to tote bags, are made using Japanese raw selvedge denim, meaning they haven’t been pre-washed, coming straight from the loom with neatly hemmed cuffs. For true denim aficionados, this is the only way to do it as this denim is untouched by chemicals. A.P.C source the best denim from Japanese makers. They have largely had a monopoly on the market ever since their post-war fascination with classic Americana style.

While denim is sourced in Japan, A.P.C products are made in Macau. An autonomous region on the south coast of china. The region was previously ruled by Portugal, meaning the culture now is a combination of Chinese and Portuguese, with cuisine that includes both pastel de nata and traditional Cantonese dishes. This seems to be the perfect place for production. Combining both the classicly laid-back casual vibe of Europe with the more utility-focused and now street-wear-influenced China.

#5 A.P.C. x Kanye

Before Yeezy, there was A.P.C Kanye, one of the brand’s most talked about collaborations. It was A.P.C that offered Kayne his first chance to try his hand at designing a collection. This resulted in a collection of streetwear-inspired fits including long basic T-shirts and oversized hoodies. His second collection with the brand showed a style progression for the rapper-turned-designer as it included a broader range of garments. They perfectly combined A.P.C’s minimalist everyday attitude with the super simplistic but dramatic style he was moving into. The collection featured oversized shapes and understated labels.

This collaboration was just one in a long history of A.P.C projects, as the brand has worked with numerous musicians and other brands. To Touitou, these collaborations are essential to keeping A.P.C moving forward and developing, combining their ability to perfect the basics. To source the best quality, with the fresh eyes and ideas of others.

#6 A.P.C. x Carhartt WIP

A.P.C Carhartt

Similar to A.P.C, Carhartt WIP prioritises purpose and functionality with a fashionable edge. The original Carhartt had its origins in workwear, creating military workmen uniforms for the war. Carhartt Work In Progress was launched in Europe as a sister brand, finding it’s origins in underground street culture after being worn in the cult classic film La Haine. Their designs combine the traditional styles of Carhartt such as the Chore jacket which has been around since 1923, with cultural influences such as hip hop.

Considering this, an A.P.C. x Carhartt WIP collaboration is a match made in heaven, taking the minimalist streetwear influences and basic-perfecting skills of each brand to create a collection of levelled-up wardrobe staples.

#7 How should I wash my denim?

Ideally, don’t.

Good denim hardly needs washing, so avoid the autopilot of just chucking it into the laundry bag. Overwashing will cause your garment to fade prematurely and unnaturally, whereas raw selvedge denim is designed to fade with wear, giving it an authentic look and feel. If you can last, you should leave your denim at least six months before washing to avoid damage to the material and waste of water. Instead, spot clean any marks with a toothbrush or do like the pros do and leave the garment in the freezer overnight to kill off any bacteria.

apc denim


When you do wash them, don’t throw them in with a full load. As they’re not pre washed, the indigo colour of the denim will bleed out so wash them alone. Fill your bath or sink with lukewarm or cold water with a small amount of mild detergent. It’s best to hand wash denim as this will avoid any harsh movements that will cause wear and tear. You will be able to gauge the temperature this way, making sure it’s not too hot.

Once the detergent has dissolved in the water, turn your denim inside out and submerge. If they float, place something on them to hold the denim down and leave for around 45 minutes. Rinse them 3 times with cold water to make sure they’re fully clean, and then hang them up. Don’t wring them out or you might end up with strange marks, instead let them drip dry.

To keep the comfort of your A.P.C denim, put the garment on when it’s just about dry. A little dampness will allow the raw denim to give slightly and stretch back out to the comfort they had pre-wash. Then remove, turn inside out once more and iron on a high heat setting. Use the steam with something between the iron plate and denim for just-in-case protection.

#8 A.P.C Handbag Styles

Grace APC Bag


Here are the A.P.C handbags showcasing the French label’s refined simplistic aesthetic.

Grace Shoulder Bag 

Inspired by vintage saddle styles, it is a sophisticated shoulder bag that is a stunning twist on a traditional style. In smooth calf leather, it adds a retro flair to your wardrobe.

Demi Lune Cross Body Bag 

The shape that is most seen is the classic Demi Lune across-body style. With a half-moon structure, this is the ultimate contemporary bag that can be dressed up or down.

Genève Cross Body Bag 

The Geneve bag is the sister crossbody style with an envelope fastening. The strap detailing and timeless shape has become a go-to amongst our favourite influencers.

Ambre Bucket Bag 

The A.P.C Ambre bucket bag is the newest style bringing a modern edge to the handbag collection. In their trademark calfskin leather, it’s a stylish but durable investment.

Myla Cross Body Bag

The bag has a minimal aesthetic, with a small horseshoe crossbody style it is cut from smooth leather. The A.P.C. rue Madame Paris logo provides a discreet stamp of quality assurance for this casual everyday bag.

Betty Baguette

Inspired by the classic baguette shoulder bags, this style offers a timeless and simplistic option. Made from smooth, vegetable-tanned leather and complete with tonal stitching, you can wear this bag on rotation.


And lastly, the bag everyone needs in their wardrobe combining high fashion with practicality is the collection of A.P.C tote bags. Reinforced with a rectangular form and iconic branding, these are super casual everyday bags. A classic tote that won’t let your high style standards slip.


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