Copenhagen Fashion Week: Munthe AW17

munthe aw17 lip tshirt

With everything that’s going on in the world – political change, turmoil, protest and unrest – it was only a matter of time before fashion embraced our current climate and put its own statement on it. This season it was Naja Munthe and her eponymous label that took on the challenge.

munthe aw17 red dress

The Munthe AW17 show took over Copenhagen’s indoor skate park, where the room was bedecked with large red toothy smiles, and we were were greeted with ‘Pussy Grabs Back’-printed chocolates. The mood was set, we knew what was coming. The show opened with Copenhagen’s skater boys before models marched out in a collection that was a real mash-up of colour, texture, print, masculinity and femininity.

munthe aw17 white suit

Red was a central theme, found in head-to-toe looks of slim sweat pants, hoodies and coats, heeled sock-like boots, pleated dresses and the aforementioned lip print emblazoned all over white t-shirts. There was a hint of grunge – fitting, considering the location – with plaid shirts tied around the waist on top of wide-leg trousers and chunky-soled trainers, hoodies worn as a layer under long coats and Munthe’s own take on those ’80s-style rock band tees.

munthe aw17 suit

The Munthe AW17 collection showed that the pyjama trend is in no danger of losing ground; models wore loose-fitting striped pyjamas with heels and long pyjama shirts worn open over white trousers and t-shirts. The part of the show that got the most reaction though, was the finale, when all models came together, a Donald Trump mask came out, and Naja herself flashed her ‘Pussy Grabs Back’ tee.

munthe aw17 hoody

munthe aw17 donald trump

Words and images by Angharad Jones

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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