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Since starting her eponymous brand, Batsheva Hay’s vintage-inspired dresses have become a go-to for artsy, fashion-conscious women. After her favourite Laura Ashley dress had seen its last day, the mother-of-two decided to have her own dress patterns made. 

Influenced by her Orthodox lifestyle and love for vintage pieces, the Batsheva dresses are renowned for their rich fabrics often with standout ruffles and stiff collars. Her collection provides a sweet spot between opulence and glamour while remaining mature and conservative. 

Sitting down with the Manhattan-based designer Batsheva Hay, here’s everything to know about the brand… 

Batsheva Hay


Starting from the beginning, how did you come to launch Batsheva?

I launched my line in 2016 unintentionally after making some dresses for myself and then getting orders from friends and attention from the press. Before that, I was an attorney and pretty unhappy in my job, so I started designing clothing just as a source of fun.

How would you describe the clothing you design?

My clothing is adventurous, comfortable, and draws from the past.

What were you missing from other brands that inspired you to launch your own? 

I really did not understand why there was nowhere to buy fun, reasonably priced cotton printed dresses, so I designed them myself.

Batsheva Hay


What was the inspiration behind the latest collection? 

My latest holiday collection is inspired by the idea of the Perfect Dress, one that everyone asks you about on the street or at a party. I used unexpected fabrics in dramatic shapes.

What has been one of your biggest highlights for Batsheva? 

After I dressed Celine Dion, I was like, I can stop right here.

What is the one thing in your wardrobe, you cannot live without?

 I have a huge collection of vintage clip-on earrings. I love playful jewellery.

batsheva hay


What’s your biggest styling tip? 

Layer! I love dresses over trousers, with vests over them. Have fun by mixing things up.

Away from work, what would be your favourite way to spend an afternoon?

 With my kids, in a movie theatre. It’s fun and relaxing.

Can you share any exciting future plans you have planned for Batsheva? 

So many things! I want to open a store and expand into home and other accessories.


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Q&A Feature with Batsheva Hay 

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