The co-ord set styling inspiration you are looking for 

Navigating what has turned into a wet summer, we wanted to highlight one wardrobe saviour which is the perfect investment. Providing you with visibility and a transitional outfit as we move into the new season, co-ords are something you most certainly should have in your wardrobe. 

With brands such as GANNI and Stine Goya leading the new season with statement sets and fun two-pieces, we rounded up the co-ord set styling inspiration you are looking for. 

co-ord set styling


Elevate your style with co-ord sets 

Ultimately the best thing about the co-ord sets is that they are so versatile for your wardrobe. Whether you go for a neutral set or a brightly coloured co-ord they can be dressed down with trainers or sandals. Or, effortlessly dressed up with a heal or loafer for those evenings or events. 

They need little to no styling and it takes away any stress, without the dreaded feeling ‘I have nothing to wear.’ The doubled-up combo gives off a really well-put-together feel while feeling ultra stylish but effortless at the same time. You don’t always need to wear the full set at the same time either, for example, the denim sets from GANNI provide you with so many outfit options to wear together or separately. 

co-ord set styling


The art of co-ord styling 

Styling your co-ord is relatively easy as you just need to consider your accessories and footwear. Opt for statement jewellery, a cute bag and heeled sandal for weddings or evening dinners. If you’re thinking of heading to the beach take a tote bag and add sunnies to complete your look or, switch to your trainers if you are then site seeing. 

You could also mix and match, wearing the co-ord top with slouchy jeans or this season’s must-have denim skirt. Or the trousers could be paired with a classic white shirt or a casual vest top, to give you numerous options. 

co-ord set styling


Tips & Tricks for mastering the perfect match 

Mastering the perfect match is dependent on what you are looking for, do you want a floaty fresh set for your summer holiday or a smart co-ord that you can wear to the office? For a statement look go for colour-blocking, this gives an elevated look especially when in a bold colour. If you prefer neutral colours, a full cream co-ord will still give the same effect. 

co-ord set styling


The Copenhagen brands are really standing out for their co-ords this season. Stine Goya is a team favourite for their bright-coloured sets that are perfect for now and the next season. The Baum und Pfardgarten sets are perfect for building out your staple wardrobe, which you will be able to wear over and over again. Whatever your style, find a co-ord that will work for you and your wardrobe, making everyday dressing a little easier. 



Written by Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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