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Luxury Travel Essentials

Flights booked? Passports at the ready? Whether you are planning weekends away or long haul journeys, make sure you are prepared for your travel in good time. Spending long periods of time in airports, on layovers, or in the air is not in the least bit as glamourous as it sounds yet there are certain items that help beat that tedious waiting game.

For each type of traveller there is a necessity for prioritising items to make your journey its most comfortable and bearable, this year it's time to check in on your must-have travel aids for your 2018 summer holiday.

The Holiday Maker

If you are more than definitely due a break and will spend most of it lying on the beach, in the sun or by the pool then these are most certainly your go-to travel bag essentials. If you stick to hand luggage then look no further than Porter-Yoshida for the perfect sized travel bag. If you're willing to fly a little further to get those much needed rays, then pack a punch wherever you lounge with a Paul Smith towel, and go straight from beach to bar with an A.P.C strap bag for all your beachside necessities.

The Frequent Weekender

If you're a practised traveller and summer doesn't come with much decision making (other than where's next on the list) then cost per use is a relative factor when investing in holiday essentials. The perfect hand luggage size, quality and functionality is key if you're inclined towards a quick escape, and a passport holder is near essential to keep your reliable travel partner in tact. Alongside this one of S'WELL's world-renowned refillable bottles, fit for any travel refreshment, as well as a handy travel charger and noise cancelling headphones from Le Cord are must-have's for staying entertained with minimal baggage on those short-haul trips.

The City Explorer

If your main holiday priority is to learn as much as possible about the seen (or unseen) nooks and crannies of a new place, then this is the kit for you. For an efficient day out in your new city of choice, a sterdy yet stylish backpack is a necessity, keep that Phaidon travel guide handy to ensure you don't miss a culturally relevant corner. Know that sterdy footwear does not have to compromise style, and for a short trip a smart pair of day-to-evening Maison Margiela sneakers are a necessary investment to help make the most out of your city break.

The Long Haul-er

For those who are content jetting half-way around the world for a few weeks in lieu of a trip across the continent, these few handy skincare go-to's could be your saving grace. A little de-puffing eye cream pre eye mask can be the life hack you never knew you needed to stay refreshed as soon as you set foot on new soil, never mind the jet lag. Aeroplane air conditioning can be really harmful for drying out skin, so a good travel moisturising fromL:A BRUKET is crucial to keep your skin topped up for a long travel before you hit a new climate in full force. If you're aware of your slight lack of colour, a subtle tinted moisturiser like this one with SPF from Perricone MD can be the perfect go-to for those first few days in the sun.


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Alex Neilson-Clark
Alex Neilson-Clark Writer and expert
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