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Expand your makeup horde with Illamasqua, an encompassing makeup brand offering prised formulas.

Founded in 2008 by Julian Kynaston and Joseph Corré, Illasmasqua paves its own way in the beauty world. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant ‘20s Berlin club scene and alternative subcultures, individuality and self-expression are their pillars. Standout products like the 'Beyond Powder' highlighter and 'Antimatter Lipstick' embody their commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword for them—it's a core value. With their range of foundation shades pushing traditional beauty norms, Illamasqua shows commitment to finding the perfect match. Renowned for cruelty-free and often vegan-friendly formulas, their products aim to offer rich pigmentation and enduring wear. Through thought-provoking campaigns like 'Human Fundamentalism', Illamasqua sparks vital conversations about gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights all the while.

Dive into our range of Illamasqua products and discover a kaleidoscope of colour. From vibrant palettes and nourishing lipsticks to base-building staples, our carefully curated picks are rooted in self-expression and quality.

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