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A great wedding is completely unrivalled when it comes to social plans; music, good food, great company and an endless flow of fizz. Everyone is so joyous celebrating the happy couple that the good vibes radiate throughout the day. No doubt everyone will be dressed up to the nines but the question is what are you going to wear?

You know this day is most likely going to be filled with photos so something new is on the cards, definitely more colourful and glamorous than usual. However, it can be hard to suss out the vibe, to predict the weather forecast or know what accessories to add. Well here is our wedding guest dress edit with some dresses that instantly make you feel the part.

Classic Wedding Guest Style

If you want a traditional timeless look for your up-and-coming wedding invitation a midi-length dress works well to add that level of sophistication. Those 50’s style waistlines are back and perfectly complement summer shoes and accessories.

wedding guest style


Boohoo Wedding Guest Style

We all have that friend who is a boohoo queen whose wedding will veer away from the traditional wedding and embrace a free and easy vintage style. For this wedding, you might want something free-flowing and floral or even possibly a little bit of a mix n’match to spice it up.

Hot Weather Wedding Guest Dress

Predicting how hot or cold it is going to be is one of the great challenges we face in English summers but on those rare occasions where you get a scorcher wearing something floaty and fresh is key. Light fabrics such as silk will help you cope with the heat and bring a pop of colour for the sun always makes everything cheerier.

wedding guest style


Bad Weather Wedding Guest Dress

It’s something we have learnt to laugh off, but nothing ruins an outfit like the rain! Being prepared is key. Think about what dress will go with your hair up because you might need to scrape it back at the last minute. Think about the fabric, no one wants a see-through dress or for it to get ruined in a torrential shower.

Statement Wedding Guest Dress

These are the dresses of the moment, perfect if you want something a little more expressive. Big shapes and bright colours have been a key trend  as joyous dressing dominates our wardrobes. Go for the statement – it will pay off!

wedding guest style



Matching your accessories to your dress can be a real deal-breaker as they say ‘it’s in all the details. You always want a small bag for your essential lipstick and powder but something that can be put on the table while you dance. Whether you are looking for a contemporary clean-cut mini bag or that little statement colour pop these are some favourites.

Looking at your jewellery whether you have gone for a classic, timeless dress or cottage core cute-chintz here are some suggestions for completing the look. One thing to note; if your hair is tied up pair it with some great earrings. If your hair is down opt for a necklace, it will bring a focal point, something with a pendant to capture the eye and add that finishing touch.

wedding guest styling


Footwear is always tricky because you are torn between those killer heels you have had your eye on or whether to be sensible and wear a comfortable wedged heel. Consider whether you are getting your toes out which we know is dependent on the weather forecast. Neutral colours are always a go-to, and you’ll be able to dig them out again and again.


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