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Podcasts have become super popular in recent years and are the most listened to form of audio entertainment – no shock there! Although whenever you visit your parent’s house they still are loyally listening to Radio 2, in the UK 15 million people listen to podcasts. It is no surprise that we have turned away from the generic radio stations that bombard us with adverts and repeated chart music when we can have our own shiny, curated playlists. With the rise of music streaming channels such as Spotify and Apple music, this created a gap that needed to be filled with a good old engaging conversation on topics that interest us. 

You can find podcasts for everything: chat shows, cooking, you name it but the nicest thing about podcasts is that genuine people are making enriching content that we can access at our fingertips. However exciting the podcast world is it can be overwhelming and can leave you questioning why hasn’t this clicked for me yet? Sometimes it takes one good recommendation to get you on the right track. Well here we go; our recommendations for podcasts to suit your mood. 

#1 The Sunday Salon 

*When you want stories and to learn something new  

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The Sunday Salon

The deputy editor of the Times Alice-Azania Jarvis hosts a podcast called The Sunday Salon where she chats to an inspiring female author each week. They discuss her work, her career, how she writes, what she reads and everything in between. With expert guests such as Katie Service, this podcast is interesting and insightful. This is not some academic textual analysis – it’s about finding the stories behind the stories from fascinating people. 

#2 Tales from the living room – Rixo  

*When you want to talk business and get some fashion insights 

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Tales from the living room

You may know Henrietta & Orlagh for founding ‘it’ womenswear brand RIXO but they have come together for a special five-part personal podcast. This podcast shares their story with their close colleague interviewing them discussing Rixo from the beginning as students. This is an easy entrepreneurial listen as they dive into how they built the brand and how they became The Times Fast Track leading UK business.  It provides inside information on cult fashion and great insight on business topics. 

#3 things you can’t ask your mum 

* When you need a comforting chat from a friend 

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things you can’t ask yer mum

Chic fashion bloggers and best friends Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsey Hollands host a chit chat style podcast called Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum. This is the ultimate girl guide where they share their personal experiences of relationships, breakups, grief and friendships. There is a true feeling of friendship and it normalises the less pretty things that come with relationships. 

#4 Table Manners 

*An easy listen for the ladies 

Two women sitting at a dinner table

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware hosts a dinner party style podcast with her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie. They invite celebrity guests and well-known names to eat and drink while they get the goss. The show has a whole host of guests from Ferne Cotton to Paul Smith in a fun, super casual atmosphere. 

#5 Off Menu 

* An easy listen for the gents 

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Off Menu is a podcast with comedian Ed Gamble and friend James Acaster on food and comedy. They are the only restaurant that invites guests to select their dream menu while being served by Genie. As the guests are served their dream dishes they discuss the food and memories but overall it is a comic listen. 

#6 Power Hour   

* When you need motivation 

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Adrienne Herbert is an international speaker and leading wellness professional who specialises in motivation. You may have already read her book or followed her online workouts but Adrienne hosts a weekly podcast called Power Hour. The podcast is an encouraging chat show with special guests from leading coaches, creatives, change-makers and innovators. Discussing morning routines, daily habits, mindfulness and rules to live by, this is a very real podcast that helps with addressing your current situation and discusses the oppression caused by everyone’s strive for perfection. 

#7 My Dad Wrote A Porno 

*When you want to laugh

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My Dad Wrote A Porno

Hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine this podcast is about an amateur erotic novel titled Belinda Blinked. Written by Morton’s father under the pen name Rocky Flintstone this podcast is bound to have you in stitches. Most people if they found their dad’s attempt at an erotic novel would never speak of it again however they have managed to make it into a groundbreaking comedy. 

#8 How To Fail With Elizabeth Day  

*When life pressures are getting to you 

Pink illustration of a rosette

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Novelist, journalist and broadcaster Elizabeth Day invites guests on to talk about what they class as their biggest failures in life and celebrate them. Every week, a new interviewee explores what their failures taught them and how not to fear failure as that is when we learn the most and succeed better. With guests covering topics across the board from personal lives, careers and health this is one you everyone can connect to. 


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