Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

As February approaches, love is in the air, and so is the anticipation of Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening with your significant other, a casual hangout with friends, or even a delightful solo celebration, one thing is for sure – the perfect outfit can elevate the entire experience.

Get ready to turn heads and make a lasting impression with our top Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that will have you looking and feeling your very best.



Breakfast in Bed

Start off Valentine’s Day the right way with an intimate breakfast in bed in some stylish pyjama set from Sleeper. Opt for a soft and luxurious loungewear set in a romantic hue like blush pink or deep burgundy. A comfy yet chic oversized outfit paired with cosy slippers creates an effortlessly stylish look, perfect for a leisurely morning spent with your loved one. This ensemble strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, ensuring you look effortlessly fabulous while indulging in a delightful breakfast-in-bed experience.

Sleeper set


Romantic Dinner Out

Choosing the perfect outfit for a romantic meal out on Valentine’s Day involves capturing the essence of love and elegance. Consider opting for a classic and timeless red dress that not only embodies the spirit of the occasion but also adds a touch of allure. Alternatively, a sleek black dress with subtle detailing like lace or a tasteful slit can bring a timeless element to your look. Pair with a clutch, heels and statement jewellery to add a hint of glamour.

rixo dress


Dining at Home

Whether you’re showcasing your culinary skills yourself or having a delicious meal cooked for you this Valentine’s Day, setting the table is an instant mood lifter. We’re thinking dimmed light, candles, flowers and your best crockery. This isn’t only an experience for your taste buds, we’re pleasing all the senses with our dinner table dressing skills this Valentine’s Day.

valentines day table


Movie Night

Embracing the cosy charm of a movie night at home on Valentine’s Day calls for an outfit that combines comfort with a touch of casual style. Consider slipping into your favourite pair of high-waisted leggings or joggers paired with a soft and oversized knit jumper for the perfect balance between laid-back and stylish. Cosy socks or plush slippers add a delightful touch, ensuring your feet stay snug throughout the evening.

rotate sunday sweatshirt


Outdoor Picnic

Providing the weather is nice, an outdoor picnic is the perfect intimate date for Valentine’s Day. Consider opting for a cosy yet fashionable outfit that embraces the winter charm. A pair of stylish high-waisted jeans paired with a chunky knit sweater not only provides much-needed warmth but also exudes a casual vibe. Layering with a fashionable coat or a stylish puffer jacket adds an extra touch of warmth and flair. Don’t forget to accessorise with a cosy scarf, gloves, and a beanie to protect against the cold breeze.

ganni jumper


Spa Day

Elevate your spa day experience on Valentine’s Day with Hunza G, swimwear that perfectly balances comfort and luxury. Opt for a timeless one-piece swimsuit or a tastefully designed bikini that complements your body shape. Accessorise with a headband or a scrunchie to keep your hair away from your face during treatments. A lightweight, oversized cardigan or wrap can be a stylish addition for moments of relaxation between spa sessions.

hunza g bikini



By Hannah Needham

Featured Image Credit – @michelledriscoll

Hannah Needham

Hannah Needham

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