The 7 Benefits of Running For Your Mind and Body

It has always been said that running is “good for us”, but are the real benefits of running actually understood? Many studies have been carried out monitoring the effects of exercise on the body, but in recent years, a greater focus has been placed on the mind and the influence physical activity has on the mental states of the brain. To simpify, Coggles has noted the seven greatest benefits found for the body and mind as well as some motivational tips on how to get started and of course, what to wear…

Benefits of running for the body…

Lose or Maintain Weight

Running is a core exercise for many gym-goers and one of quickest fat burning exercises. Although the activity is fairly simple, the results can be incredible. To lose weight it is suggested that the average person should run 3-4 times a week, building up their speed and paces over weeks. However, for someone to maintain weight, running can be a great daily activity even if only performed for 10-15 minutes per day. This is a great way to start for any beginner…

Strengthens Knees, Joints and Bones

Contrary to what is historically believed, running can have positive benefits on the knees, joints and bones. It can only become damaging when performed continuously without sufficient rest, but scientists have confirmed that running can increase bone mass and prevent age related bone loss. Strengthening your joints now can improve your mobility for the future – a benefit worthwhile investing in.

To protect the knees, joints and bones that support the body whilst running, it is advised to invest in a durable, performance based pair of runners. For those running across all types of terrain, opt for a trainer with the ability to hold the ankle securely, otherwise, for flat road runners, try soft cushioned soles.

Increases Lifespan

Running is well known for its ability to increase the heart rate, lower blood pressure and increase cardiovascular health. But it is now understood that running is the most effective form of exercise that can increase life expectancy. Studies have shown that in comparison to non-runners, runners can increase their life expectancy by up to three years, despite whether they run slowly or sporadically, smoke, drink or are overweight.

Benefits of running for the mind…

Increases Happiness

The idea that happiness can be increased by physical activity is known as “the high” which refers to the feel good hormones, called endocannabinoids, that are released during exercise. These hormones help develop a greater happiness within our minds post-workout, known to reduce anxiety and feelings of depression. It is believed that these experiences have a similar effect to the neurochemical adaptions found within the brain reward pathways associated with addictive drugs.

Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Running has been known to increase the brain’s capacity to recall and memorise. As a result of increased focus, running expands the brain’s ability to concentrate focus and increase its attention span. Not only does this have imminent benefits but also holds lifelong heath advantages.

Encourages Healthier Sleeping

Although the physical exhaustion that running can cause has a great impact on the ability to sleep better, the mental release for the brain can help abolish any worrying thoughts that surround the mind when trying to fall asleep. Similarly, the stretching needed after running can help with sleeping too as your muscles relax from their tensed state after exercise.

Resistant to Stress

Similar to the increase of happiness, running can be a great release for stress. Not only giving you time to think, but also due to the calmness provided by the endocannabinoids. Stress is a complex part of life that might not ever be truly understood, but the steps of how to manage and reduce it can be carried out. Try running one evening after a heavy day or even before work has begun and monitor the effects on your mood and stress levels. Exercising at the start of the day has also been known to have positive effects as the day begins with a relaxed mind and energised presence.

What to wear…

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Words by Olivia Seed | Images courtesy of adidas by Stella McCartney

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