Strawberry Recipes to Try for Wimbledon

What started as a small tournament in 1877, Wimbledon (or to go by its formal name, The Championships, Wimbledon) is the oldest, most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It’s also an event that epitomises English summer, with royal spectators, crisp tennis whites, inevitable rain and a nation watch Andy Murray’s every move with baited breath. Strawberries are also part and parcel of Wimbledon; strawberries and cream have been served since that very first tournament, and they’re now a food staple.

Strawberry & Balsamic Caramel Meringues

strawberry balsamic caramel meringues

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Strawberry and meringues are a British summer – and Wimbledon – must-have. This recipe takes the classic and adds a balsamic caramel, which adds a slightly sour kick to balance out the sweetness of the strawberries. For the full recipe, visit the blog Poires au Chocolat.

Rice Pudding with Roasted Strawberries

rice pudding roasted strawberries

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It doesn’t get much more British than rice pudding, especially topped with a handful of strawberries. Try roasting the fruit like in this recipe from the blog A Beautiful Mess for a simple yet delicious snack.

Rhubarb Strawberry Margaritas

strawberry rhubarb margaritas

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Margaritas may not be British, but with an added dose of rhubarb and strawberry, it makes the perfectly refreshing drink to enjoy while watching the action on Centre Court. Using just six ingredients, this recipe on the Minimalist Baker is quick, easy and full of flavour. View the full recipe here.

Strawberry Caprese Salad

strawberry caprese salad

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For something more savoury, opt for the strawberry Caprese salad. A twist on the traditional recipe, this is light and refreshing, and makes the perfect dish for a summer lunch. View the full recipe on A Beautiful Mess.

Words by Angharad Jones

Sarah Atkinson

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