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The Top 5 Must-See Fashion Documentaries

With the highly anticipated ‘Secrets of the Museum’ on the horizon for 2020, our thirst for fashion documentaries needs quenching ASAP. As we get excited for some behind the scenes footage of one of London’s most iconic institutions, the V&A, we’re taking a look at some of the best fashion documentaries already out there. We suggest a fashion binge of the following titles to get you excited.
Photo Credit: Vogue Runway

#1 Westwood: Punk, Activist, Icon (2018)

Westwood: Punk, Activist, Icon takes the top spot in our run down of must-see fashion documentaries. Not only for Vivienne's undeniable talent and contribution to the fashion industry through the decades, but for her clear dedication to improving consumers attitudes towards sustainable fashion - a topic that is becoming more and more relevant to the masses. The documentary gives viewers an insight into her successes, interviews with her nearest and dearest (personal and professional) and archive footage that demonstrates how she helped to ignite the punk movement.

#2 McQueen (2018)

The eponymous film McQueen is a frank and insightful look into the life and career of legendary designer Lee Alexander McQueen. The documentary explores the  incredible journey undertaken to become the global success that the brand is today with emotive and moving archive footage. Following Lee's life from his younger years through to his untimely death in 2010, this fashion film delves into the life of this incredible talent, his influences and ingenious headline grabbing runway shows.

#3 IRIS (2014)

Living legend Iris Apfel is a modern day icon, instantly recognised for her distinctive love for accessorising, and at the age of 92 has her own fashion film all about how she earned her place as one of today's most distinguished fashion faces. IRIS follows her most significant successes in life as a businesswomen, interior designer and fashion icon, as well giving viewers a real insight into her energetic and unique persona. A true style icon, the film delves into her career, personal life and uplifting character.

#4 Alexa Chung : The Future of Fashion (2008)

A fashion documentary series hosted by one of British Vogue's favourite 'IT' girls Alexa Chung, The Future of Fashion delves into a variety of questions posed by fashion enthusiasts everywhere. With two series worth of advice, insight and knowledge you'll find yourself immersed within the working world of fashion from the off. Following the people behind our much loved brands such as Man Repellers own Leandra Medine and Balmain's Olivier Rousteing, Alexa ventures to fashion capitals across the globe in one of the most binge worthy fashions series' out there. AND, unlike our other must-see documentaries, every episode is available on British Vogue's YouTube channel.

#5 Dior and I (2014)

The epitome of couture, Dior is an institution for all things luxury. Dior and I gives viewers a window into the world of this prestigious label following the journey of Raf Simons inauguration into the House of Dior in 2012. The documentary is a rare opportunity for viewers to see the process first hand of a new creative director and the process, pressure and dedication needed to design a debut collection for such a high profile designer brand. For an eye opening look into the world of Christian Dior and the talent behind the manufacturing of couture garments, Dior and I is the fashion film for you.


Emma Bowkett
Emma Bowkett Writer and expert

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