3 Steps To The Perfect Shave

Fed up of those nips and cuts after shaving? Struggling to achieve the perfect shave? With reference from our luxury grooming brands and high quality products, Coggles have shortened the grooming process into three easy steps to ensure your shaving sequence is as soothing as possible.

Pre Shave

Picking the right time to shave can often be overlooked. Choosing to shave in the morning is a common mistake, especially soon after you have awoken. During the night your skin accumulates fluid, giving a puffy feel; making you more prone to the odd nip and scratch.

The most encouraged time is after a hot shower, when the steam has had time to open pores and soften stubble. Similarly, for those choosing to shave at the end of a day or before getting ready, a pre-wash is essential to cleanse the skin excess oils secreted by the skin and dirt build up. Follow up with an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells which can result in ingrown hairs. Apply a warm damp towel to your face for a minute or two to maintain the suppleness of your stubble.


Once the skin is clean and still damp, apply a shaving gel, foam or oil (dependant upon your skin type) to ease the razor when it glides. The extra layer placed on the skin provides a cushion between the sharp blade and your skin, consequently relieving friction. Look for gentle, soothing formulas containing Jojoba, Rosehip, and Aloe.

To help lift hairs and create a luxurious lather, invest in a quality shaving brush. It will also help exfoliate the skin; removing dead skin cells so you can get to that shorter stubble and disencourage ingrown hairs.

It is best to think of shaving like art; the longer you take the better the precision.

To avoid causing unnecessary irritation, remember to always shave in the direction of hair growth.  Start by shaving the soft angles of your face first, including your cheeks and neck. Leave the tougher parts such as around your lips and chin till last so they have more time to soften and become more manageable. Rinse the shaving head frequently and avoid wiping on towels or flannels as this can, over time, blunt the blade.

The weight of a razor is a key giveaway of its quality and longevity. Invest in a fine blade razor that will provide you with endless smooth glides. Cheap razors are more likely to cut and nip the skin due to their lightweight quality and less defined blade.

Post Shave

After the shave, splash your face with cool running water to remove residue and activate the closing of your pores. Avoid rubbing your face dry as this can aggravate sensitive skin; try patting and dabbing around the contours instead.

The importance of the post shaving process is often forgotten in the rush to get ready. But protecting your skin is a vital step in repairing any microscopic abrasions caused by the razor. Traditionally men have have used aftershave post-shave, but what isn’t commonly known is that those aftershaves can contain high levels of alcohol and can be damaging to the skin. Instead try a balm, cream or shave specific moisturisers; especially for dry or sensitive skin.

Take the time to massage this into the skin and feel the difference in how refreshed and smooth your face feels.

Beard Maintenance

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For some, shaving might not be the way forward; but maintaining a healthy beard might be. A good beard doesn’t come down to luck, it comes with good skin care, attention and quality products. Listening to our top brands, we are able to provide you with 3 key steps to maintaining an attractive beard …

Beard Wash

Washing your face may seem a silly prospect when half of it is covered with hair, but it is an important step. Similarly, washing your beard is crucial too. It helps soften the hair when washed with warm water and using a scrub can help stimulate the hair follicles, to help it grow and avoid ingrown hairs.


Moisturise? Hair? Yes! Moisturising your beard keeps it soft and less brittle. For a less glossy feel try a balm or treatment that when massaged onto the skin underneath, will prevent dry and irritated skin.


Especially in the colder seasons when skin it most likely to crack and hair can become brittle, oils are the most useful way to maintain moisture and appear healthy. Comb through a few drops of oils to spread the moisture and remember to massage the skin beneath to discourage dandruff and dry skin.


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