Florian Meacci

A drawing of a woman with 'Day of the Dead' makeup by Florian Meacci.

Florian Meacci is a French fashion illustrator who now lives in London. Using just a biro (bic) and watercolours, Florian creates stunning portraits of fashion icons and trends. Here’s what happened when Coggles and the illustrator caught up…

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A drawing of a women in a red, lace dress with roses around her neck by Florian Meacci.

Question: Your illustrations are amazing, have you always been interested in illustration or did it naturally find you?

I always liked to draw, I discovered comic books at 13 and started drawing around that time. And since then I always dreamt to become an illustrator.

Question: What is it about fashion illustration in particular that captures your imagination?

What I like about fashion it’s the texture, the shape and colour. I look at fashion that way not what the clothes are but what can be fun to draw or what can make a cool picture.

Question: Do you have a designer that inspires you?

I would say Alexander McQueen is the closest to my universe and to what I like to draw!

Question: What are you working on at the moment?

A project I can’t talk about but I’m so excited about it.

Question: Any projects, past or present, that excited you more than most?

The illustrations I did for Swide Dolce&Gabbana online magazine because I was completely free to do what I wanted and I had a big dead line to do it! The perfect combo.

Question: What can we expect in the future?

I have an exhibition coming out  in France in February. And 2 new projects. Stay tuned to my Facebook Page for more information.

Words by Olivia Cooley. Images courtesy of Florian Meacci.

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