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What to See at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017

Taking place 23-25 March 2017, Art Basel Hong Kong will see its fifth edition this year. While it may not be as established as the original (and namesake) art fair or as celebrity-focused as Miami, Hong Kong is arguably the most exciting out of the three, thanks in part to its highly varied selection of works on display from all over the world.

As well as the traditional art exhibitions from 242 galleries, there’ll be film screenings, new sector Kabinett (as seen at the Miami edition) and the fair’s first foray into virtual reality with Tilt Brush by Google, a 3D drawing and painting application. Discover the galleries, films and VR art you need to see at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 below.

Robin Rhode
Robin Rhode. Courtesy of the artist

South African artist Robin Rhode joins the group of artists involved in ‘Virtual Frontiers: Artists Experimenting with Tilt Brush’, promising to bring his witty, graffiti-inspired art to the futuristic technology.

Boers-Li Gallery
Chen Shaowiong, Ink-Media Courtesy of the artist and the gallery

Operating since 2005, Beijing-based Boers-Li Gallery represents Chinese artists working in different media, constantly pushing the boundaries with experimental work. Expect ink paintings-turned video from Chen Shaoxing, dark atmospheric canvases from Xue Feng and Song Kun’s modern twist on classical oil paintings.

Pearl Lam Galleries
Gonkar Gyatso Courtesy of the artist and the gallery, with photography by Zhadui

With galleries in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, Pearl Lam Galleries has 20 years of showcasing the best of Chinese and worldwide contemporary art under its belt. Featured artists have an emphasis on creating thought-provoking, culturally relevant work.

10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Shi Guorui, Avenue of Stars Hong Kong 2-3 July 2016 Courtesy of the artist and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Hong Kong-based 10 Chancery Lane Gallery explores emerging and historical movements in art in the Asia Pacific, committed to making its mark on arts in the region. Look out for Shi Guorui’s work at Art Basel, who photographs iconic skylines and architecture using the camera obscura method.

Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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