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Five Stylish Staircases

More than just a functional element in the home, staircases can create a beautiful, interesting and unique focal point. A staircase can also define the style of the whole house – whether that’s traditional, contemporary, directional or minimalist – so setting the right tone is key. We’ve come up with our five favourite staircases that shun the ubiquitous carpet and embrace innovative style and design.

This floating staircase in Iporanga, Brazil shows contemporary minimalism at its best. Sleek and clean, its minimalist structure doesn’t disrupt the open plan feel of the house, while the choice of wood ties in with the whole style aesthetic.


Truly unique, this U-shaped staircase in a Mumbai apartment was built to create something that would act as a sculpture, as well as being functional. Taking up the centre of the apartment, the staircase has open treads to allow light to filter through, preventing it from blocking the large windows and creating a dark space.


A simple yet effective design, this staircase connects all three floors of a Knightsbridge mews house to maximise space. Dark wood provides a contrast to the stark white walls, while the use of glass adds a contemporary element that showcases the staircase and rest of the room. Situated in the centre of the house, it also acts as a natural divider between rooms, whilst not obstructing the open plan feel or losing out on space.


Leading to a café’s rooftop lounge in Tangier, this staircase shows how colour and pattern can be used to create a stylish and unique feature. By sticking to the same tiles and a white surround, this staircase makes a bold statement without being overpowering.


Located in the Swiss Alps, this house takes inspiration from the simplicity of local farms, and is as ecological as possible. The staircase fits in with this aesthetic perfectly, with clean, simple wood surrounded by bare white walls. The use of light under each stair creates an interesting feature, and is an intelligent use of space in an area of limited natural light.

Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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