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How to Pick the Right Home Fragrance for You

Your home is your haven. A space to be house proud of, and where each one of your senses should be greeted as you walk through the front door. From the the feng shui and interior decor to the scent of each room. Depending on your preference of notes and elements, as well as the look and feel, choosing the right home fragrance for you can be tricky. With so many options, how do you pick? Candles? Diffusers? Oils? Rooms Sprays? Whether you have a signature scent or are partial to mixing it up each season, we've giving you a run down of the best home fragrances on offer at Coggles.


Diffusers are the perfect accessory to every room in your home - fact. Super handy in that once you've decided where it's going to live, you'll almost forget that it's even there as it continues to spread your favourite fragrances into your home.

Culti - Home Fragrance

For the kitchen

The kitchen can be a tricky room to pick a fragrance for, with so many scents being created on the daily, it can seem like a big task to maintain a pleasant smell. That's why we'd recommend choosing a diffuser. Easily placed on your window sill, it will continue to disperse your chosen scent with minimal effort. When it comes to the kitchen, choose a diffuser with a citrus scent to bring a fresh aroma and neutralise any lingering smells from last nights dinner. For hints on mandarin, bergamot and lemongrass choose from the selection below.

For the bathroom

Reed diffusers are also a great addition to bathrooms for both style and scent. We'd recommend opting for a light breezy and neutral fragrance for your bathroom like this Skandinavisk island solitude reed diffuser. Inspired by the solitude of the islands, lakes and forests of Scandinavia, it combines notes of of driftwood, white flowers and greenery.


Cire Trudon - Home Fragrance

Candles work best in bedrooms and living rooms, from the cosy ambience they create to the variety of scents to choose from. Not only do they offer great styling options for each room, but candles give you control of when you need a burst of your favourite aroma. The only downside is remembering to blow them out!

For the bedroom

Floral scents are popular for the bedroom as they are known to help you to drift off to the land of nod. Believed to help slow down your nervous system and decrease your heart rate it can even help you to feel more energetic when you wake up in the morning. This Neom Complete Bliss luxury scented candle and Cire Trudon classic candle feature top notes of lavender and rose to transform your bedroom into a calming and tranquil environment.

For the living room

The earthy notes of sandalwood and cedarwood are most popular in the living room for their fresh scents. Teamed with hints of vanilla your living room will be the perfect environment for hosting and relaxing after a long day. This Cire Trudon Valli Rose Poivree candle boasts soothing sandlewood base notes combined with peppery head notes. For a more citrussy option, choose the Cire Trudon Joséphine classic candle which brings together bergamot, rose, white musk and sandalwood.

Room Sprays

For an instant injection of fragrance, room sprays are the ideal solution. Unlike candles and diffusers you have 100% control over how strong your scent is. Just want a light lift, a few sprays should sort it, need a bigger dose, go crazy! Here are our favourite room sprays on offer at Coggles.



Emma Bowkett
Emma Bowkett Writer and expert

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