Nicholas Alan Cope

Nicholas Alan Cope

Raised in Maryland, USA, Nicholas Alan Cope is a photographer whose ability to capture moments and shapes is testament to his talent. Having moved to Los Angeles in 2004, Nicholas attended the Art Center College of Design before graduating and moving on to work for a number of both commercial and editorial clients.His first book Whitewash was released by powerHouse Books in April of 2013 but it was one particular personal project that Coggles found truly mesmerising.

Vedas (2011) is an exploration of structure created in collaboration with fellow photographer and designer Dustin Edward Arnold. Both with varying backgrounds in photography and design Nicholas and Dustin met through a commercial project in 2007 and began their first collaboration in October of 2009. Photographing sculptural garments of their own design for the Vedas project, each evidently work beyond their respective discipline to combine the mediums of painting, chemistry, sculpture, fashion and installation as a part of their image-making process.

For more information on Nicholas & Dustin’s collaborations, please visit their website.

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Words by Olivia Cooley. Images courtesy of Walter Schupfer Management

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