What to Expect From SS20 Interior Trends

Lighter, brighter and warmer weather is starting to delight the UK, and as we eagerly await the new season we’re also looking forward to an exciting refresh for our interiors. On the SS20 trends forecast we’re seeing a development of new colour schemes, aesthetics, textile combinations and craftsmanship. To give you a head start on your new season decor, we’ve listed the SS20 interior trends you need to know and how you can easily incorporate them into your humble abode.

ss20 interior

#1 Colour Palette

You’ll be adding nature inspired tones to your lust list in SS20. With pistachio and moss greens, clay inspired ochre, neutrals and amber notes. As well as this we’ll be treated to some inky blue hues and earthy browns. These colours are all integrated through a number of trends to fill your home with the warmth and freshness to echo the great outdoors.

#2 Organic Inspired Textures

Bringing the art of archaeology to your front room, SS20 interior trends present us with an abundance of natural surface patterns and textures. With nature being mimicked from the aesthetic of rock layers and composites as well as featuring purposefully loose threads and a natural colour scheme. We’re a big fan of how interior trends continue to bring us closer to nature each season, as well as the nod to a more sustainable outlook on decor.

#3 Distressed Surfaces

Aligning with the natural colour scheme and organic textures of the above trends, SS20 interior trends will be supplying us with purposely distressed furnishings to mimic weather-worn surfaces. Bringing us rustic vibes and subtly etched patterns on fabrics to add a sense of aged luxury.

#4 Embrace Indulgence

Adding a touch of art deco inspired luxury to your home, rich high quality materials and deep indulgent tones come together to elevate the sophistication of your home. Hints of metallic and quilted velvet are integrated into textiles with splashes of gold and amber to accentuate natural tones.

ss20 interior

#5 Seek Sanctuary

One SS20 interior trend we can definitely get on board with is what we are calling ‘Seek Sanctuary.’ This is the aesthetic achieved when pairing warm natural earthy tones, with minimalist interiors to create a sense of calm. An inviting space for you to escape to at the end of the day to seek sanctuary. This is Hygge 2.0.

#6 70’s Geometric

Geometric 70’s inspired patterns are being integrated into a variety of elements of our SS20 home decor. From textiles to flooring, we’ll be loving optical geometric patterns in classic 70’s colour combinations, with mustard, black and grey not only being key tones for our wardrobe but also for our interiors.

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Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert