The Lifecycle by Rob Lutter

Adventure based photographer Rob Lutter has taken himself on a journey from London to London with his bicycle and camera. During the 35,000km trek Rob has enlisted the help of a film crew to capture his travels, creating photography and short films to document the amazing people he has met along the way.

Rob Lutter

This journey is so much more than an adventure, Rob Lutter is also raising money for charities close to his heart including Mind and OCDUK with £1 being donated to charity for every mile cycled.

From the Atlantic Coast, to nestling himself between the Alps, crossing Central Asian deserts in the blistering heat and conquering the mighty Himalayas, Rob has an amazing story to tell.

To find out more, donate and see Rob’s photographic journey, visit his site here.

Rob Lutter

Words by Clare Potts.

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