The Story of Eroica Britannia

The world's most handsome bike race comes to the Peak District with Eroica Britannia: three days of celebrating all things British and vintage cycling.

2017-06-15 12:15:25By Angharad Jones


The World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path

Copenhagen-based architecture studio DISSING + WEITLING has designed an elevated cycling path in the Chinese city of Xiamen, and at a length of 7.6 kilometres, it’s the longest of its kind in the world.

2017-06-14 13:03:52By Angharad Jones


Five of the Best Cycle Cafes in Europe

Offering a place where the latest kit comes with a side of the best espresso, cycle cafes will give you a fix in more ways than one. From London to Lisbon, discover five of the best cycle cafes in Europe.

2017-06-14 13:01:39By Angharad Jones


VELLO BIKE+: The Self-Charging Electric Bike

Austrian design studio Vello introduces the VELLO BIKE+, the world's first foldable, self-charging electric bike.

2016-10-25 10:32:13By Angharad Jones


A History of le Tour de France

With more than 12 million spectators lining the route each year, the Tour de France is the biggest sporting event in the world, and with the highly coveted yellow jersey, it’s arguably the most prestigious cycling race.

2016-07-05 11:48:54By Angharad Jones


A-Bike Electric

London-based company A-Bike Ltd has updated the design for the modern commuter, adding a removable quick-charge battery, brushless motor and sensors that detect when assistance is needed, to make the bike easier to ride.

2016-01-29 19:57:51By Angharad Jones


The Clarity Bike

The Clarity Bike is potentially a huge leap forward in bicycle frame engineering and production, moving away from the everyday bicycle, this is the bicycle of tomorrow. Taking advantage of an advanced polymer, it combines being lightweight and flexible with a high impact resistance.

2015-11-02 20:49:13By Clare Potts


Woodrup Cycles, Leeds

In 1949, Maurice Woodrup parted ways with his legendary business partner, Bob Jackson, and went into the bicycle frame business for himself. Woodrup Cycles was born.

2015-10-14 15:40:46By Clare Potts


Tokyo Bike

2015-09-26 18:28:21By Clare Potts


Donhou Bicycles, Norfolk

2015-09-20 14:46:12By Clare Potts